90+ Obscure Musicals That You Might Not Know

Whether you’re auditioning for musicals, setting up your rep book, or simply looking for some new musicals to get into, it’s good to get familiar with what’s out there. And that’s why we’ve put together this list of the most obscure musicals for you below, sorted by time period.

There are of course some other unknown musicals out there that are even more obscure. But I’ve only included ones that also have easily available music samples available and/or licensing options online for your convenience!

Also, obscure isn’t necessarily a negative thing. A few of the musicals below happen to be my favorite of all time!

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Obscure Jazz Age Musicals

Happy End

Music: Kurt Weill  Lyrics: Bertolt Brecht  Book: Elisabeth Hauptmann

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1929)


Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: Ben Hecht, Charles MacArthur

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1935)

Kitty’s Kisses

Music: Con Conrad  Lyrics: Gus Kahn  Book: Philip Bartholomae, Otto Harbach

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1926)

Life Begins at 8:40

Music: Harold Arlen  Lyrics: Ira Gershwin, E.Y. Harburg

Musical Type: Jazz Age/Revue (1934)

The Girl Friend

Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: Herbert Fields

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1926)

Through the Years

Music: Vincent Youmans  Lyrics: Edward Heyman  Book: Brian Hooker

Musical Type: Jazz Age/Operetta (1932)

Treasure Girl

Music: George Gershwin  Lyrics: Ira Gershwin  Book: Fred Thompson, Vincent Lawrence

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1928)

Obscure Golden Age Musicals

A Party with Betty Comden and Adolph Green

Music: L Bernstein, J. Styne, A. Previn, S. Chaplin, R. Edens  Lyrics: B. Comden, A. Green

Musical Type: Golden Age/Revue (1958)

By the Beautiful Sea

Music: Arthur Schwartz  Lyrics/Book: Dorothy Fields  Book: Herbert Fields

Musical Type: Golden Age (1954)


Music: Robb Stewart  Book: Neville Phillips, Robin Chancellor

Musical Type: Golden Age (1956)

First Impressions

Music/Lyrics: George Weiss, Bo Goldman, Glenn Paxton  Book: Abe Burrows

Musical Type: Golden Age (1959)

Hans Christian Andersen

Music/Lyrics: Frank Loesser  Book: John Fearnley, Beverly Cross, Tommy Steele

Musical Type: Golden Age (1952)

Happy Hunting

Music: Harold Karr  Lyrics: Matt Dubey  Book: Howard Lindsay, Russel Crouse

Musical Type: Golden Age (1956)

Lock Up Your Daughters

Music: Laurie Johnson  Lyrics: Lionel Bart  Book: Bernard Miles

Musical Type: Golden Age (1959)

Look Ma, I’m Dancin’!

Music/Lyrics: Hugh Martin  Book: Jerome Lawrence, Robert E. Lee

Musical Type: Golden Age (1948)

Magdalena: A Musical Adventure

Music: Heitor Villa-Lobos  Lyrics: Robert Wright, George Forrest  Book: Brennan, Curran

Musical Type: Golden Age (1948)

New Girl in Town

Music/Lyrics: Bob Merrill  Book: George Abbott

Musical Type: Golden Age (1957)

Oh, Captain!

Music/Lyrics: Jay Livingston, Ray Evans  Book: Al Morgan, José Ferrer

Musical Type: Golden Age (1958)

Peter Pan (Bernstein)

Music/Lyrics: Leonard Bernstein

Musical Type: Golden Age (1950)

Seventh Heaven

Music: Victor Young  Lyrics/Book: Stella Unger  Book: Victor Wolfson

Musical Type: Golden Age (1955)

Take Me Along

Music/Lyrics: Bob Merrill  Book: Joseph Stein, Robert Russell

Musical Type: Golden Age (1959)

The Body Beautiful

Music: Jerry Bock  Lyrics: Sheldon Harnick  Book: Joseph Stein, Will Glickman

Musical Type: Golden Age (1958)

The Day Before Spring

Music: Frederick Loewe  Lyrics/Book: Alan Jay Lerner

Musical Type: Golden Age (1945)

The Nervous Set

Music/Lyrics: Jay Landesman, Theodore J. Flicker

Musical Type: Golden Age (1959)

Obscure Post-Golden Age Musicals


Music/Lyrics: Walter Marks  Book: Ernest Kinoy

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1964)

Baker Street

Music/Lyrics: Marian Grudeff, Raymond Jessel, Jerry Bock  Book: Jerome Coopersmith

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1965)

Golden Rainbow

Music/Lyrics: Walter Marks  Book: Ernest Kinoy

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1968)

I Had a Ball

Music/Lyrics: Jack Lawrence, Stan Freeman  Book: Jerome Chodorov

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1964)


Music: Bill Jacob  Lyrics: Patti Jacob  Book: Melville Shavelson

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1969)


Music/Lyrics: Robert Wright, George Forrest  Book: Peter Stone

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1961)

Let It Ride

Music/Lyrics: Jay Livingston, Ray Evans  Book: Abram S. Ginnes

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1961)

Now is the Time for All Good Men

Music: Nancy Ford  Lyrics/Book: Gretchen Cryer

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1967)

The Fig Leaves are Falling

Music: Albert Hague  Lyrics/Book: Allan Sherman

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1969)

The Likes of Us

Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber  Lyrics: Tim Rice  Book: Leslie Thomas

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age/Contemporary (1965/2005)

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Music: Leon Carr  Lyrics: Earl Shuman  Book: Joe Manchester

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1964)

The Zulu and the Zayda

Music/Lyrics: Harold Rome  Book: Howard De Silva, Felix Leon

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1965)

Obscure 1970s Musicals


Music: Billy Goldenberg  Lyrics: Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman  Book: Jerome Kass

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1978)


Music: Michael J. Lewis  Lyrics/Book: Anthony Burgess

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1973)

I Remember Mama

Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Martin Charnin, Raymond Jessel  Book: Thomas Meehan

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1979)


Music: Jule Styne  Lyrics: Adolph Green, Betty Comden, Leo Robin  Book: Kenny Solms, Gail Parent

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1974)

Over Here!

Music/Lyrics: Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman  Book: Will Holt

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1974)


Music: Harvey Schmidt  Lyrics/Book: Tom Jones

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1975)

The Grass Harp

Music: Claibe Richardson  Lyrics/Book: Kenward Elmslie

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1971)

Thomas and the King

Music: John Williams  Lyrics: James Harbert  Book: Edward Anhalt

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1975)

Obscure 1980s Musicals

A Doll’s Life

Music: Larry Grossman  Lyrics/Book: Betty Comden, Adolph Green

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1982)

Beehive: The 60s Musical

Music/Lyrics: Various  Book: Larry Gallagher

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary/Revue (1985)


Music/Lyrics/Book: Various

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary/Revue (1984)


Music: Elizabeth Swados  Lyrics/Book: Gary Trudeau

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1983)


Music: Larry Grossman  Lyrics: Ellen Fitzhugh  Book: Fay Kanin

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1985)

Is There Life After High School?

Music/Lyrics: Craig Carnelia  Book: Jeffrey Kindley

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1982)


Music: Raphael Crystal  Lyrics: Richard Engquist  Book: Nahma Sandrow

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1984)

Late Nite Comic

Music/Lyrics: Brian Gari  Book: Allan Knee

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1987)

Legs Diamond

Music/Lyrics: Peter Allen  Book: Harvey Fierstein, Charles Suppon

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1988)

My One and Only

Music: George Gershwin  Lyrics: Ira Gershwin  Book: Peter Stone, Timothy S. Mayer

Musical Type: Jazz Age/Pre-Contemporary (1983)


Music/Lyrics/Book: Mbongeni Ngema  Music/Lyrics: Hugh Masakela

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1987)

Sherlock Holmes: The Musical

Music/Lyrics/Book:  Leslie Bricusse

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1989)


Music/Lyrics/Book: Barry Keating  Book: Stuart Ross

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1987)

Ten Percent Revue

Music/Lyrics: Tom Wilson Weinberg

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary/Revue (1987)

The Biograph Girl

Music/Lyrics/Book: David Heneker, Warner Brown

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1980)

What About Luv?

Music: Howard Marren  Lyrics: Susan Birkenhead  Book: Jeffrey Sweet

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1984)

Obscure 1990s Musicals

Boogie Nights

Music/Lyrics: Various  Book: Jon Conway

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary/Jukebox (1998)

First Lady Suite

Music/Lyrics/Book: Michael John LaChiusa

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1993)


Music/Lyrics: Various  Book: Francis Essex, Rob Bettinson

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1995)

Lucky in the Rain

Music: Jimmy McHugh  Lyrics: Dorothy Fields, Harold Adamson

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1997)

Moll Flanders

Music: George Stiles  Lyrics: Paul Leigh  Book: Claire Luckham

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1993)

Play On!

Music/Lyrics: Duke Ellington, Various  Book: Cheryl L. West

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1996)

Spend Spend Spend

Music/Lyrics/Book: Steve Brown, Justin Greene

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1998)

The Fields of Ambrosia

Music: Martin Silvestri  Lyrics/Book: Joel Higgins

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1993)

The Fix

Music: Dana P. Rowe  Lyrics/Book: John Dempsey

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1997)

The Last Session

Music/Lyrics: Steve Schalchlin  Lyrics: John Bettis, Marie Cain  Book: Jim Brochu

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1997)

Triumph of Love

Music: Jeffrey Stock  Lyrics: Susan Birkenhead  Book: James Magruder

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1997)


Music: Jeffrey Lunden  Lyrics/Book: Arthur Perlman

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1992)

Obscure 2000s Musicals

All the Fun of the Fair

Music/Lyrics: Various  Book: Jon Conway

Musical Type: Contemporary/Jukebox (2008)

Bernarda Alba

Music/Lyrics/Book: Michael John LaChiusa

Musical Type: Contemporary (2006)

Breast Wishes

Music/Lyrics: Bruce Brown  Book: Various

Musical Type: Contemporary (2008)

Bubble Boy

Music/Lyrics/Book: Cinco Paul  Book: Ken Daurio

Musical Type: Contemporary (2008)

Captain Louie

Music/Lyrics: Stephen Schwartz  Book: Anthony Stein

Musical Type: Contemporary (2005)

Desperate Measures

Music: David Friedman  Lyrics/Book: Peter Kellogg

Musical Type: Contemporary (2004)

Everyday Rapture

Music/Lyrics: Various  Book: Dick Scanlan, Sherie Rene Scott

Musical Type: Contemporary (2009)

Golden Boy of the Blue Ridge

Music/Lyrics/Book: Peter Mills  Book: Cara Reichel

Musical Type: Contemporary (2009)

Happy Days

Music/Lyrics: Paul Williams  Book: Garry Marshall

Musical Type: Contemporary (2007)

Harlem Song

Music/Lyrics: Various  Book: George C. Wolfe

Musical Type: Contemporary/Revue (2002)

Judy’s Scary Little Christmas

Music/Lyrics: Joe Patrick Ward  Book: David Church, Jim Webber

Musical Type: Contemporary (2002)

My Life with Albertine

Music/Lyrics: Ricky Ian Gordon  Lyrics/Book: Richard Nelson

Musical Type: Contemporary (2003)

SHOUT! The Mod Musical

Music/Lyrics: Various  Book: Phillip George, David Lowenstein

Musical Type: Contemporary/Revue (2006)

The Great American Trailer Park Musical

Music/Lyrics: David Nehls  Book: Betsy Kelso

Musical Type: Contemporary (2005)

The Immigrant

Music: Steven M. Alper  Lyrics: Sarah Knapp  Book: Mark Harelik

Musical Type: Contemporary (2000)

The Lord of the Rings

Music: A.R. Rahman, Christopher Nightingale, Värttinä  Lyrics/Book: Matthew Warchus, Shaun McKenna

Musical Type: Contemporary (2006)

The Thing About Men

Music: Jimmy Roberts  Lyrics/Book: Joe DiPietro

Musical Type: Contemporary (2003)

Urban Cowboy

Music/Lyrics: Jason Robert Brown, Jeff Blumenkrantz  Book: Aaron Latham, Phillip Oesterman

Musical Type: Contemporary (2003)

Obscure 2010s Musicals

A Minister’s Wife

Music: Joshua Schmidt  Lyrics: Jan Levy-Tranen  Book: Austin Pendleton

Musical Type: Contemporary (2011)

A Night with Janis Joplin

Music/Lyrics: Janis Joplin  Book: Randy Johnson

Musical Type: Contemporary (2013)

Brooklyn Crush

Music/Lyrics/Book: David Eric Davis  Book: Sam Forman

Musical Type: Contemporary (2013)


Music/Lyrics: Robert Creighton, Cristopher McGovern  Book: Peter Colley

Musical Type: Contemporary (2015)

Flowers for Mrs Harris

Music/Lyrics: Richard Taylor  Book: Rachel Wagstaff

Musical Type: Contemporary (2016)

Lend Me a Tenor

Music: Brad Carroll  Lyrics/Book: Peter Sham

Musical Type: Contemporary (2010)

Love Birds

Music/Lyrics/Book: Robert J. Sherman

Musical Type: Contemporary (2015)


Music/Lyrics: Danny Abosch  Book: Joshua Borths

Musical Type: Contemporary (2011)

Queen of the Mist

Music/Lyrics/Book: Michael John LaChiusa

Musical Type: Contemporary (2011)


Music/Lyrics: Matt Sax  Lyrics/Book: Eric Rosen

Musical Type: Contemporary (2010)

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