Oh, Captain!: Musical Info & Synopsis


Oh, Captain! tells the story of Captain Henry St. James and his wife Maud. The captain’s rigidity and frequent business trips stifle Maud’s longing for excitement until she spontaneously decides to surprise him in Paris. However, in Paris, the captain reveals a newfound freedom, indulging in a double life with a woman named Bobo. As tensions rise, the captain’s world begins to crumble, but through forgiveness and reconciliation, he and Maud find their way back to each other.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Golden Age (1958)

Cast Size: 10+

Genre: Comedy

Setting: 1950s / England (London), France (Paris), At Sea

Creative Team

Music/Lyrics: Jay Livingston, Ray Evans

Book: Al Morgan, José Ferrer

Cast Albums

Original Broadway Cast (1958)➝


Licensing: Concord Theatricals➝


1950s, Comedic, Golden Age, ObscureTravel

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