Theatre Degree Programs

The following list is divided into subcategories based on theatrical focus. Whether you are an aspiring performer, playwright, or casting director, you will be sure to find a theatre program of interest to you in the comprehensive list of resources below.

Within each of the following categories, you will find links to related theatre programs (BA, BFA, BS, MA, PhD, etc.), further educational institutes (certificates, professional diplomas, etc.), and online courses that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

You don’t have to live in New York City or London to pursue a theatre degree! We include English-speaking programs from all over the world, from Chicago to British Columbia.


Applied Theatre

Design (Costumes, Props, Scenic/Set Design, General)



Musical Theatre/Opera


Production, Management, Administration

Specialized Theatre Programs(Comedy, Dance, History, Language, Culture, etc.)

Stage Management

Technical Theatre (Sound/Light Design, Technology, etc.)

Theatre Education

Theatre (General Theatre Arts)

And here’s our regularly-updated list of online theatre courses!