Our Values

Theatre Trip is honored to be a host for 250k + visits each month. So we thought it would be a good time to share a bit about our values and how we’re trying to give back, even if it’s just in small ways.

1. Creating a Magical Website Experience

Above everything, creating a wonderful website experience for you is the absolute first priority. The goal is that Theatre Trip gets at least 0.01% better every single day. This is done by incorporating better audition song selections, fixing errors, adding requested blog posts, and constantly designing a smoother user experience.

2. Inclusion

It is extremely important that every single person feels an atmosphere of inclusion when visiting Theatre Trip. This extends to gender, age, vocal types, race, religion, and yes – even musical preference. This is also why we generally suggest songs based on vocal type rather than gender.

3. Transparency 

Theatre Trip will always let you know when you’re about to see an “affiliate link“. If you choose to purchase something through a shared affiliate link, we may earn a small commission on the sale, which comes at absolutely no additional cost to you. But these are always labeled according to guidelines and in order to remain transparent.

4. Accessibility

And lastly, Theatre Trip is also in the process of making the website more accessible for people with disabilities. This is done by adding alt links to images, following general accessibility guidelines, and using a plugin that takes care of other issues that may stand in the way of accessibility.

Also, if you’re on desktop (and not mobile), do you see the blue icon at the top left of your screen? Clicking on this opens up a toolbar that will allow you to toggle high-contrast, increase the size of the text, or enable text to speech, in case that helps you navigate the site a bit better.