Grind: Musical Info & Synopsis


Grind immerses audiences in the world of burlesque during the 1930s. Set in Depression-era Chicago, the story unfolds at a burlesque show, where performers are segregated by race. The musical explores the dynamics between the performers, the backstage crew, and the challenges they face as they thrive to keep their art alive. Grind touches on themes of resilience, race, and the ups and downs of the entertainment industry.

Musical Information

Parental Warning: Adult Themes/Content

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1985)

Cast Size: 8-10

Genre: Drama

Setting: 1930s / USA (Illinois)

Creative Team

Music: Larry Grossman

Lyrics: Ellen Fitzhugh

Book: Fay Kanin

Cast Albums

Original Broadway Cast (1985)➝


1980s, Dramatic, Gospel, Jazz, Obscure, One-Word, Original

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