19 Amazing Gospel Musicals – A Full List of Shows

Whether you’re producing a show, setting up your rep book, or simply looking for some new musicals to get into, it’s good to get familiar with what’s out there. And that’s why we’ve put together this list of the most notable gospel musicals for you below, sorted alphabetically.

The following musicals showcase a wide range of music styles. There aren’t many purely gospel musicals, but the following shows have at least some elements of gospel to them.

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Gospel Musicals

A Strange Loop

Music/Lyrics/Book: Michael R. Jackson

Musical Type: Contemporary (2019)

Music Genre: Pop/Gospel

Black Nativity

Music/Lyrics: Traditional  Book: Langston Hughes

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1961)

Music Genre: Gospel

Children of Eden

Music/Lyrics: Stephen Schwartz  Book: John Caird

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1991)

Music Genre: Musical Theatre/Gospel

Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope

Music/Lyrics: Micki Grant

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary/Revue (1971)

Music Genre: Pop/Rock/Gospel

Don’t Play Us Cheap

Music/Lyrics/Book: Melvin Van Peebles

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1972)

Music Genre: Blues/Jazz/Gospel


Music: Henry Krieger  Lyrics/Book: Tom Eyen

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1981)

Music Genre: Disco/Gospel/R&B/Pop

Fugitive Songs

Music: Chris Miller  Lyrics: Nathan Tysen

Musical Type: Contemporary/Song Cycle (2008)

Music Genre: Country/Pop/Gospel


Music/Lyrics: Stephen Schwartz  Book: John-Michael Tebelak

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1971)

Music Genre: Folk/Gospel

Golden Boy

Music: Charles Strouse  Lyrics: Lee Adams  Book: Clifford Odets, William Gibson

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1964)

Music Genre: Musical Theatre/Jazz/Gospel


Music: Larry Grossman  Lyrics: Ellen Fitzhugh  Book: Fay Kanin

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1985)

Music Genre: Jazz/Blues/Gospel

Hot Mikado

Music: Rob Bowman  Lyrics/Book: David H. Bell

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1986)

Music Genre: Swing/Jazz/Blues/Gospel/Scat

Myths and Hymns

Music/Lyrics: Adam Guettel

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary/Song Cycle (1998)

Music Genre: Musical Theatre/Gospel/Jazz/Pop


Music/Lyrics: Stephen Schwartz  Book: Roger O. Hirson, Bob Fosse

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1972)

Music Genre: Musical Theatre/Pop/Gospel


Music: Gary Geld  Lyrics/Book: Peter Udell  Book: Ossie Davis, Philip Rose

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1970)

Music Genre: Gospel/Folk/Funk/Disco


Music: Judd Woldin  Lyrics: Robert Brittan  Book: Robert B. Nemiroff, Charlotte Zaltzberg

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1973)

Music Genre: Jazz/Pop/Blues/Gospel

Sister Act

Music: Alan Menken  Lyrics: Glenn Slater  Book: Cheri Steinkellner, Bill Steinkellner

Musical Type: Contemporary (2006)

Music Genre: Musical Theatre/Disco/Gospel

Starlight Express

Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber, Alistair Lloyd Webber  Lyrics: Various

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1984)

Music Genre: Pop/Rock/Rap/Gospel/Blues/Country

The Fix

Music: Dana P. Rowe  Lyrics/Book: John Dempsey

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1997)

Music Genre: Rock/Musical Theatre/Gospel

The Last Session

Music/Lyrics: Steve Schalchlin  Lyrics: John Bettis, Marie Cain  Book: Jim Brochu

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1997)

Music Genre: Pop/Musical Theatre/Gospel

The Life

Music/Book: Cy Coleman  Lyrics/Book: Ira Gasman  Book: David Newman

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1990)

Music Genre: Jazz/Gospel

The Wiz

Music/Lyrics: Smalls, Graphenreed, Wheeler, Faison, Vandross, Walzer  Book: William Brown

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1974)

Music Genre: Soul/Gospel/Disco

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Which of these gospel musicals is your favorite?

Or have you ever played a role in any of the above gospel musicals? Feel free to share in the comments below! And if you like these types of lists, check out the musical database. That’s where you’ll find musicals sorted by composer, theme, setting, and more!

Stacy Karyn, author of Gospel Musicals.
Author: Stacy Karyn

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