Leap of Faith: Musical Info & Synopsis


Leap of Faith follows the con artist Jonas Nightingale, who poses as a healer and preacher. When he arrives in a drought-stricken Kansas town, Jonas unexpectedly finds himself moved by the genuine faith of the townspeople, including Marla McGowan and her son. As Jonas grapples with his own desires, he is forced to confront the truth about himself and the people he has come to care about. Leap of Faith is an exploration of redemption, forgiveness, and the power of faith.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Contemporary (2010)

Cast Size: 9+

Genre: Romantic Dramedy

Setting: Present / USA (Kansas, NYC)

Creative Team

Music: Alan Menken

Lyrics: Glenn Slater

Book: Janus Cercone, Warren Leight

Cast Albums

Original Broadway Cast (2012)➝


Licensing: Music Theatre International➝


2010s, Based on a Movie, Child RoleGospelPop/RockReligious, Rom-DramedySoul

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