Nunsense II: Musical Info & Synopsis


Nunsense II: The Second Coming is a continuation of the musical escapades of the Little Sisters of Hoboken. Following the success of their first benefit show, the nuns are back with a “Thank You Program” for their supporters. As the nuns put on the show, they encounter various comical situations and unexpected twists. Nunsense II is an encore of laughter, camaraderie, audience participation, and zany moments on the stage.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1992)

Cast Size: 5

Genre: Comedy

Setting: Present / USA (New Jersey)

Creative Team

Music/Lyrics/Book: Dan Goggin

Cast Albums

Off-Broadway Cast (1993)➝


Audition Songs: Theatre Trip

Licensing: Concord Theatricals➝

Sheet Music: Amazon➝


1990s, All-Female Cast, Broken 4th Wall, Comedic, Feel-Good, Gospel, Original, Piano-Heavy, Religious, Small Cast, Solo Composer, Tap Dance

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