Hands on a Hardbody: Musical Info & Synopsis


Hands on a Hardbody unfolds as contestants in a small Texas town compete for a brand-new pickup truck by seeing who can keep their hands on the vehicle the longest. As each contestant faces physical and emotional endurance, the musical delves into their backgrounds, dreams, and motivations, highlighting their highs and lows along the way. Hands on a Hardbody is an exploration of the human spirit, the power of perseverance, and the pursuit of a better life.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Contemporary (2012)

Cast Size: 15

Genre: Dramedy

Setting: Present / USA (Texas)

Creative Team

Music: Trey Anastasio

Music/Lyrics: Amanda Green

Book: Doug Wright

Cast Albums

Original Broadway Cast (2013)➝


Audition Songs: Theatre Trip

Licensing: Concord Theatricals➝

Sheet Music: Sheet Music Now➝


2010s, CountryGospelRockSoul

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