Tovarich: Musical Info & Synopsis


Tovarich follows the charming Grand Duchess Tatiana Petrovna, who, along with her loyal servant, flees Russia and seeks refuge in Paris after the Russian Revolution. Disguising themselves as humble servants, they must navigate the complexities of their new roles while keeping their true identities hidden. Tovarich is filled with comedic mishaps, romantic entanglements, and unexpected twists of fate, offering a glimpse into the world of aristocratic intrigue.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1963)

Cast Size: 20+

Genre: Comedy

Setting: 1920s / France (Paris), Russia

Creative Team

Music: Lee Pockriss

Lyrics: Anne Croswell

Book: David Shaw

Cast Albums

Original Broadway Cast (1963)➝


1960s, Comedic, Obscure, One-Word, Royalty

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