Play On!: Musical Info & Synopsis


Play On! follows the story of Vy, a determined songwriter in 1940s Harlem, who disguises herself as a man to overcome gender barriers. Tasked with writing music for the Duke, Harlem’s esteemed band leader, Vy’s plan takes an unexpected turn when the Duke loves her music and sends her to the Cotton Club to present a song as his own. Play On! is a journey filled with mistaken identities, love, loss, chaos, and a slowly unravelling truth.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1996)

Cast Size: 8+

Genre: Romantic Dramedy

Setting: 1940s / USA (NYC)

Creative Team

Music/Lyrics: Duke Ellington, Various

Book: Cheryl L. West

Cast Albums

Original Broadway Cast (1997)➝


1990s, Bands, Black Artists, Jazz, Jukebox Musical, Obscure, Rom-Dramedy

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