Cyrano: Musical Info & Synopsis


Cyrano centers on Cyrano de Bergerac, a gifted poet and swordsman with a famously large nose. Despite his talents, Cyrano struggles with his self-image, especially when it comes to confessing his love for the beautiful Roxane. However, when Roxane falls for the handsome but inarticulate Christian, Cyrano agrees to help him win her over through eloquent love letters. Cyrano combines elements of romance and tragedy, touching on themes of love, self-worth, and honor.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1973)

Cast Size: 12+

Genre: Romantic Drama

Setting: 1600s / France (Paris)

Creative Team

Music: Michael J. Lewis

Lyrics/Book: Anthony Burgess

Cast Albums

Original Broadway Cast (1973)➝


Licensing: Music Theatre International➝


1970s, Christmas, Obscure, One-Word, Rom-DramTragedy, War

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