September Musical Theatre Holidays

Want to deepen your musical theatre knowledge in a fun and relaxed way? Just check in to this musical theatre holiday page daily and “open up” the album or song of the day! Each day will feature either a birthday, important event, or actual holiday, along with something musical theatre-related for you to do in order to celebrate it. It’s like a digital musical advent calendar for the whole year!

* It’s important that you use the exact links that are provided below, as there are many cast albums and versions of songs, and I have chosen the exact ones to go with the people we are celebrating.

* If there are two holidays listed, choose the one you are less familiar with or more interested in!

September 1st

Carolee Carmello’s Birthday: “You Don’t Know This Man”➝

September 2nd

Joshua Henry’s Birthday: Violet (Original Broadway Cast)➝

September 3rd

Skyscraper Day: Skyscraper➝

September 4th

Newspaper Carrier Day: “Carrying the Banner”➝

September 5th

Josefina Scaglione’s Birthday: “Tonight”➝

September 6th

Read a Book Day: “A Trip to the Library”➝

September 7th

Feel the Love Day: “I Am Loved”➝

September 8th

Sid Caesar’s Birthday: Little Me (Original Broadway Cast)➝

September 9th

Chaim Topol’s Birthday: “Tradition”➝

September 10th

Tom Ligon’s Birthday: “Young and in Love”➝

September 11th

National Day of Service and Remembrance: Come From Away➝

September 12th

Jennifer Hudson’s Birthday: “Love You I Do”➝

September 13th

Leanne Cope’s Birthday: “The Man I Love”➝

September 14th

Quiet Day: “Quiet”➝

September 15th

Make a Hat Day:  “Finishing the Hat”➝

September 16th

Lauren Bacall’s Birthday: “But Alive”➝

September 17th

Constantine Maroulis’s Birthday: Jekyll & Hyde (Concept Recording)➝

September 18th

HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day: “Something Bad is Happening”➝

September 19th

Ramin Karimloo’s Birthday: “‘Til I Hear You Sing”➝

Stephanie J. Block’s Birthday: “Holding to the Ground”➝

September 20th

Gibberish Day: “Backstage Babble”➝

September 21st

Billy Porter’s Birthday: “Beauty School Dropout”➝

September 22nd

Virginia Capers’s Birthday: Raisin (Original Broadway Cast)➝

September 23rd

Jason Alexander’s Birthday: “Marry Me”➝

Walter Pidgeon’s Birthday: Take Me Along (Original Broadway Cast)➝

September 24th

Anthony Newley’s Birthday: “What Kind of Fool am I?”➝

Ben Platt’s Birthday: Sing to Me Instead➝

September 25th

Valisia LeKae’s Birthday: Motown: The Musical (Original Broadway Cast)➝

September 26th

Better Breakfast Day: Put this➝ on your bucket list.

September 27th

Stephen Douglass’s Birthday: “Store-Bought Suit”➝

September 28th

National Good Neighbor Day: “That Kind of a Neighborhood”➝

September 29th

Zachary Levi’s Birthday: First Date (Original Broadway Cast)➝

September 30th

Len Cariou’s Birthday: Sweeney Todd (Original Broadway Cast)➝