August Musical Theatre Holidays

Want to deepen your musical theatre knowledge in a fun and relaxed way? Just check in to this musical theatre holiday page daily and “open up” the album or song of the day! Each day will feature either a birthday, important event, or actual holiday, along with something musical theatre-related for you to do in order to celebrate it. It’s like a digital musical advent calendar for the whole year!

* It’s important that you use the exact links that are provided below, as there are many cast albums and versions of songs, and I have chosen the exact ones to go with the people we are celebrating.

* If there are two holidays listed, choose the one you are less familiar with or more interested in!

August 1

National Doll Day: The Dolls of New Albion➝

August 2

Helen Morgan’s Birthday: “Bill”➝

August 3

Maria Karnilova’s Birthday: “I Remember It Well”➝

Richard Adler’s Birthday: The Pajama Game➝

August 4

Hooray for Kids Day!: “Little People”➝

August 5

Underwear Day: “I’m Not Wearing Underwear Today”➝

August 6

Faith Prince’s Birthday: “Adelaide’s Lament”➝

Leslie Odom Jr.’s Birthday: “Dear Theodosia”➝

August 7

Karen Olivo’s Birthday: “I Love NY”➝

August 8

International Cat Day: Cats➝

August 9

Book Lovers Day: “Belle”➝

August 10

Antonio Banderas’s Birthday: “Unusual Way”➝

August 11

Presidential Joke Day: “The Washington Twist”➝

August 12

Truck Driver Day: “If I Had This Truck”➝

August 13

Bert Lahr’s Birthday: “If I Only Had the Nerve”➝

August 14

Financial Awareness Day: “I Don’t Understand the Poor”➝

August 15

Jim Dale’s Birthday: “There Is a Sucker Born Ev’ry Minute”➝

August 16

Dee Hoty’s Birthday: “No Man Left for Me”➝

Cristin Milioti’s Birthday: “The Hill”➝

Stew’s Birthday: Passing Strange➝

August 17

I Love My Feet Day: “Fabulous Feet”➝

August 18

Never Give Up Day: “I Am Here to Stay”➝

August 19

World Photo Day: “The Photograph”➝

August 20

Radio Day: “Radio”➝

August 21

John McMartin’s Birthday: “The Road You Didn’t Take”➝

August 22

Eat a Peach Day: “Eating the Peach”➝

August 23

Andrew Rannells’s Birthday: “I Believe”➝

Gene Kelly’s Birthday: Singin in the Rain (Film Soundtrack)➝

August 24

International Strange Music Day: Adding Machine➝

August 25

Leonard Bernstein’s Birthday: Wonderful Town➝

August 26

Make Your Own Luck Day: “Never the Luck”➝

August 27

Tarzan Day: Tarzan➝

August 28

Elizabeth Seal’s Birthday: Irma La Douce➝

August 29

Ben Harney’s Birthday: “When I First Saw You”➝

August 30

Mary Bridget Davies’s Birthday: A Night With Janis Joplin➝

August 31

Matchmaker Day: “Matchmaker”➝