July Musical Theatre Holidays

Want to deepen your musical theatre knowledge in a fun and relaxed way? Just check in to this musical theatre holiday page daily and “open up” the album or song of the day! Each day will feature either a birthday, important event, or actual holiday, along with something musical theatre-related for you to do in order to celebrate it. It’s like a digital musical advent calendar for the whole year!

* It’s important that you use the exact links that are provided below, as there are many cast albums and versions of songs, and I have chosen the exact ones to go with the people we are celebrating.

* If there are two holidays listed, choose the one you are less familiar with or more interested in!

July 1

Terrence Mann’s Birthday: “If I Can’t Love Her”➝

Television Heritage Day: “Telly”➝

July 2

I Forgot Day: “I Wish I Could Forget You”➝

July 3

David Shire’s Birthday: Closer Than Ever➝

Audra McDonald’s Birthday: Porgy and Bess (New Broadway Cast)➝

George M. Cohan’s Birthday: George M!➝

July 4

Alice in Wonderland Day: Wonderland➝

July 5

Workaholics Day: “Color and Light”➝

July 6

Claude-Michel Schönberg’s Birthday: Martin Guerre➝

July 7

International Chocolate Day: “Pure Imagination”➝

July 8

Be a Kid Again Day: “Do You Want to Play Games?”➝

July 9

Fashion Day: “You Are What You Wear”➝

July 10

Jerry Herman’s Birthday: La Cage aux Folles➝

July 11

Cheer Up the Lonely Day: “Just One Person”➝

July 12

Simplicity Day: “Simple Little Things”➝

July 13

Embrace Your Geekness Day: “Being a Geek”➝

July 14

Pandemonium Day: “I’m Breaking Down”➝

July 15

Dorothy Fields’s Birthday: An Evening with Dorothy Fields➝

July 16

Personal Chef Day: “Les Poissons”➝

July 17

Diahann Carroll’s Birthday: House of Flowers (Original Broadway Cast)➝

Lucie Arnaz’s Birthday: They’re Playing Our Song➝

July 18

World Listening Day: “Listen”➝

July 19

New Friends Day: “Messing About in a Boat”➝

July 20

Floyd Collins’ Birthday: Floyd Collins➝

July 21

Hot Dog Day: “The Hot Dog Song”➝

July 22

Alan Menken’s Birthday: A Bronx Tale➝

July 23

Gorgeous Grandma Day: “Grandma’s Song”➝

July 24

Kristin Chenoweth’s Birthday: “My New Philosophy”➝

July 25

Barbara Harris’s Birthday: On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (Original Broadway Cast)➝

July 26

One Voice Day: “If I Ruled the World”➝

July 27

Take Your Pants for a Walk Day: “The Pants Song”➝

July 28

World Nature Conservation Day: “Daybreak”➝

July 29

Rain Day: “I Wish It Would Rain”➝

July 30

David Carroll’s Birthday: “Love Can’t Happen (Bonus Track)”➝

July 31

Uncommon Instrument Day: “I’m a Brass Band”➝