November Musical Theatre Holidays

Want to deepen your musical theatre knowledge in a fun and relaxed way? Just check in to this musical theatre holiday page daily and “open up” the album or song of the day! Each day will feature either a birthday, important event, or actual holiday, along with something musical theatre-related for you to do in order to celebrate it. It’s like a digital musical advent calendar for the whole year!

* It’s important that you use the exact links that are provided below, as there are many cast albums and versions of songs, and I have chosen the exact ones to go with the people we are celebrating.

* If there are two holidays listed, choose the one you are less familiar with or more interested in!

November 1st

Anthony Ramos’s Birthday: In the Heights (Film Soundtrack)➝

Beth Leavel’s Birthday: “The Lady’s Improving”➝

November 2nd

Look for Circles Day: “Circles in the Sand”➝

November 3rd

Sandwiches Day: “Ex-Sandwiches”➝

November 4th

Candy Day: “Candy”➝

November 5th

Andrea McArdle’s Birthday: “It Might As Well Be Spring”➝

Howard McGillin’s Birthday: “You’ve Got That Thing”➝

November 6th

Michael Cerveris’s Birthday: The Who’s Tommy➝

Patina Miller’s Birthday: “Sister Act”➝

November 7th

Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day: “The Amazing Fantastical History of Mr. Willy Wonka”➝

November 8th

Caitlin Kinnunen’s Birthday: Frankie!: The Musical➝

November 9th

Ray Walston’s Birthday: “Those Were the Good Old Days”➝

November 10th

Anne Reinking’s Birthday: “Roxie”➝

Derrick Baskin’s Birthday: “Sweet Child”➝

Jeanine Tesori’s Birthday: Caroline or Change➝

November 11th

Singles Day: “A Very Single Man”➝

November 12th

Karen Ziemba’s Birthday: “There Was a Boy”➝

November 13th

Start a Rumor Day: “I Heard a Little Rumor”➝

November 14th

International Girls Day: “Girl Scout”➝

November 15th

George Spelvin Day: Learn who “George Spelvin” is and read up on this interesting holiday here➝

November 16th

Button Day: “Unbuttoning the Buttons”➝

November 17th

Brent Carver’s Birthday: “It’s Hard to Speak My Heart”➝

November 18th

Daphne Rubin-Vega’s Birthday: “Over My Shoulder”➝

Dorothy Collins’s Birthday: “Losing My Mind”➝

Duncan Sheik’s Birthday: Spring Awakening➝

November 19th

Laura Osnes’s Birthday: “Love Will Come and Find Me Again”➝

November 20th

Jeremy Jordan’s Birthday: “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”➝

November 21st

Gingerbread Day: The Gingerbread Man➝

November 22nd

Stop the Violence Day: “Peace in the Valley”➝

November 23rd

Esperesso Day: “Espresso”➝

November 24th

Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day: “Talent”➝

November 25th

Christina Applegate’s Birthday: “You Should See Yourself”➝

Ricardo Montalban’s Birthday: “Savannah”➝

November 26th

Robert Goulet’s Birthday: “If Ever I Would Leave You”➝

November 27th

Pins and Needles Day: Pins and Needles (25th Anniversary Studio Cast)➝

November 28th

Turkey Leftover Day: “Turkey Lurkey Time”➝

November 29th

Frank Wildhorn’s Birthday: Dracula: The Musical➝

November 30th

Mandy Patinkin’s Birthday: “Finishing the Hat”➝

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