May Musical Theatre Holidays

Want to deepen your musical theatre knowledge in a fun and relaxed way? Just check in to this musical theatre holiday page daily and “open up” the album or song of the day! Each day will feature either a birthday, important event, or actual holiday, along with something musical theatre-related for you to do in order to celebrate it. It’s like a digital musical advent calendar for the whole year!

* It’s important that you use the exact links that are provided below, as there are many cast albums and versions of songs, and I have chosen the exact ones to go with the people we are celebrating.

* If there are two holidays listed, choose the one you are less familiar with or more interested in!

May 1

Calamity Jane’s Birthday: Calamity Jane➝

May 2

Lorenz Hart’s Birthday: Babes in Arms➝

Baby Day: Baby➝

May 3

Betty Comden’s Birthday: Hallelujah, Baby!➝

May 4

Bird Day: Love Birds➝

May 5

Oyster Day: “The Tale of the Oyster”➝

Pat Carroll’s Birthday: “Poor Unfortunate Souls”➝

May 6

Beverage Day: “Another Round”➝

Naomi Scott’s Birthday: “Speechless”➝

May 7

National Day of Prayer (US): “Say a Prayer”➝

David Tomlinson’s Birthday: Mary Poppins (Film Soundtrack)➝

May 8

Marcus Brigstocke’s Birthday: Spamalot (UK Cast)➝

Miyoshi Umeki’s Birthday: “I Am Going to Like It Here”➝

May 9

Rosario Dawson’s Birthday: “Out Tonight”➝

May 10

Fred Astaire’s Birthday: Funny Face (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)➝

May 11

Irving Berlin’s Birthday: Listen to one of these Irving Berlin musicals

May 12

Katharine Hepburn’s Birthday: Coco (Original Broadway Cast)➝

May 13

Frog Jumping Day: A Year With Frog and Toad➝

May 14

Dance Like a Chicken Day: “Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens”➝

May 15

Jason Graae’s Birthday: Forever Plaid (Original Cast)➝

May 16

Love a Tree Day: “I Talk to the Trees”➝

May 17

Derek Hough’s Birthday: “Ladies’ Choice”➝

May 18

International Museum Day: “Museum Song”➝

Meredith Wilson’s Birthday: The Unsinkable Molly Brown➝

May 19

Jayne Wisener’s Birthday: “Green Finch and Linnett Bird”➝

May 20

Be a Millionaire Day: “If I Were a Rich Man”➝

May 21

Fats Waller’s Birthday: Ain’t Misbehavin’➝

Waiters and Waitresses Day: “A Romantic Atmosphere”➝

May 22

Buy a Musical Instrument Day: “Seventy Six Trombones”➝

May 23

Rosemary Clooney’s Birthday: “It’s a Nuisance Having You Around”➝

May 24

International Tiara Day: Smile➝

Nell Campbell’s Birthday: “Rose Tint My World”➝

May 25

Dorothy Sarnoff’s Birthday: The King and I (Original Broadway Cast)➝

National Tap Dance Day (US): Check out one of these tap dance musicals!

May 26

Helena Bonham Carter’s Birthday: “The Worst Pies in London”➝

May 27

Louis Gossett Jr’s Birthday: The Zulu and the Zayda➝

May 28

Cameron Boyce’s Birthday: The Descendants➝

May 29

Danny Elfman’s Birthday: The Nightmare Before Christmas➝

May 30

Idina Menzel’s Birthday: Wicked (Original Broadway Cast)➝

May 31

Phillipa Soo’s Birthday: The Great Comet (Original Cast)➝

World No-Tobacco Day: “And I Breathe”➝

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