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The Full List of Schmidt and Jones Musicals

Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones were a successful musical theatre writing duo from the 1960s to the early 2000s. Below you’ll find a full list of Schmidt and Jones musicals, sorted chronologically. And if you scroll down, you’ll also find a list of lesser-known works by the duo.

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Schmidt and Jones Musicals

Shoestring ’57

Music/Lyrics: Various

Musical Type: Golden Age (1957)

This was the first collaboration between Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones. It’s a revue of songs and sketches featuring music from various composers.

The Fantasticks

Music: Harvey Schmidt  Lyrics/Book: Tom Jones

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1960)

The Fantasticks was an enormous success for the duo. The original Off-Broadway production ran for a record-breaking 17,162 performances, making it the world’s longest-running musical.

110 in the Shade

Music: Harvey Schmidt  Lyrics: Tom Jones  Book: N. Richard Nash

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1963)

After the success of The Fantasticks, 110 in the Shade premiered on Broadway in 1963. The show received four Tony Award nominations.

I Do! I Do!

Music: Harvey Schmidt  Lyrics/Book: Tom Jones

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1966)

Another Tony-nominated musical, I Do! I Do! was a moderate success with a Broadway run of over 500 performances.


Music: Harvey Schmidt  Lyrics/Book: Tom Jones

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1969)

Celebration premiered on Broadway in 1969. Although the show did not turn out to be a financial success, it has since been revived on occasion.


Music: Harvey Schmidt  Lyrics/Book: Tom Jones

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1975)

One of the duo’s lesser-known works, Philemon premiered Off-Broadway in 1975 and had a short revival in 1991.

The Show Goes On

Music: Harvey Schmidt  Lyrics: Tom Jones

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1997)

The Show Goes On is a musical revue featuring a portfolio of songs by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt.


Music: Harvey Schmidt  Lyrics/Book: Tom Jones

Musical Type: Contemporary (2001)

Based on the 1929 play, Roadside premiered Off-Broadway in 2001. This is another one of the duo’s lesser-known works.

Lesser-Known Schmidt and Jones Musicals

These musicals were written by Schmidt and Jones, but don’t have cast albums or a large amount of relevant information available online. The following shows are listed in our Musical Archive.

1970: Colette Collage

1975: The Bone Room

1987: Grover’s Corners

1996: Mirette

Additional Work by Jones

1965: The Game of Love

2004: Making Musicals: An Informal Introduction to the World of Musical Theatre➝  (Book)

2005: Harold and Maude

2020: From Bed to Verse: Poems and Lyrics by Tom Jones➝

Additional Work by Schmidt

2005: Harvey Schmidt Plays Jones & Schmidt➝  (Album)

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