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On this page, you’ll find a list of musicals that do not have cast albums easily available or other ways to really explore the show online. The purpose of the musical archive is to be able to reference historical musicals, even if there is not much accessible information available about them. Most of the following musicals are not even available for licensing. But if licensing is possible, I’ll link it below.

If that’s not what you’re looking for here’s Theatre Trip’s main Musical Database.

Musical Archive of Forgotten Shows

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2 by 5

Music: John Kander  Lyrics: Fred Ebb

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary/Revue (1976)



A Christmas Carol

Music: Michel Legrand  Lyrics/Book: Sheldon Harnick

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1981)


A Dangerous Maid

Music: George Gershwin  Lyrics: Ira Gershwin  Book: Charles W. Bell

Musical Type: Jazz-Age (1923)

A Lonely Romeo

Music: Malvin M. Franklin, Robert Hood Bowers, Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Robert B. Smith, Lorenz Hart  Book: Harry B. Smith, Lew M. Fields

Musical Type: Pre-Jazz Age (1919)

A Wonderful Life

Music: Joe Raposo  Lyrics/Book: Sheldon Harnick

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1986)

All About Us

Music: John Kander  Lyrics: Fred Ebb  Book: Joseph Stein

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1999)

America’s Sweetheart

Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: Herbert Fields

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1931)

Asphalt Beach

Music/Lyrics: Andrew Lippa  Book: T.C. Smith, Peter Spears

Musical Type: Contemporary (2006)


Bad Habits of 1925

Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: N/A

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1925)


Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: Irving Caesar, David Freedman, William Anthony McGuire

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1927)



Music: Burton Lane  Lyrics/Book: Alan Jay Lerner  Book: Joseph Stein

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1979)


Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: Herbert Fields

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1928)

Chita Rivera: The Dancer’s Life

Music/Lyrics: Stephen Flaherty, Lynn Ahrens, Others  Book: Terrence McNally

Musical Type: Contemporary (2005)

Collette Collage

Music: Harvey Schmidt  Lyrics: Tom Jones  Book: Elinor Jones

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1970)



Dangerous Games

Music: Astor Piazzolla  Lyrics: William Finn  Book: Graciela Daniele, Jim Lewis

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1989)


Music/Lyrics: Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman  Book: Milt Larson

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1983)


Music/Lyrics/Book: Sheldon Harnick

Musical Type: Contemporary (2003)


Ever Green

Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: Benn W. Levy

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1930)


Fly With Me

Music/Lyrics: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart, Oscar Hammerstein II  Book: N/A

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1920)


Grover’s Corners

Music: Harvey Schmidt  Lyrics/Book: Tom Jones

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1987)


Harold and Maude

Music: Joseph Thalken  Lyrics/Book: Tom Jones

Musical Type: Contemporary (2005)


Heads Up!

Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: John McGowan

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1929)

Higher and Higher

Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: Gladys Hurlbut, Joshua Logan

Musical Type: Golden Age (1940)

Hot Spot

Music/Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim, Mary Rodgers, Martin Charnin  Book: Jack Weinstock, Willie Gilbert

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1963)


I’d Rather Be Right

Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: Moss Hart, George S. Kaufma

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1937)

If I Were King

Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: N/A

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1923)


Jazz a la Carte

Music/Lyrics: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Frank Hunter, Oscar Hammerstein II, Lorenz Hart  Book: Dorothy Crowthers

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1922)

Jerry Christmas

Music/Lyrics: Andrew Lippa  Book: Daniel Goldfarb

Musical Type: Contemporary (2007)



Music: George Gershwin  Lyrics: Arthur J. Jackson, Buddy DeSylva, Lou Paley, Irving Caesar  Book: Fred Jackson

Musical Type: Pre-Jazz Age (1919)

Lido Lady

Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: Ronald Jeans, Guy Bolton, Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1926)

Life of the Party

Music: Frederick Loewe  Lyrics/Book: Alan Jay Lerner

Musical Type: Golden Age (1942)

Lolita, My Love

Music: John Barry  Lyrics/Book: Alan Jay Lerner

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1971)


Marie, Dancing Still

Music: Stephen Flaherty  Lyrics/Book: Lynn Ahrens

Musical Type: Contemporary (2014)


Music: Harvey Schmidt  Lyrics: Tom Jones  Book: Elizabeth Diggs

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1996)



Music: William Finn  Lyrics: Ellen Fitzhugh  Book: James Lapine

Musical Type: Contemporary (2001)


One Dam Thing After Another

Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: Ronald Jeans

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1927)


Park Avenue

Music: Arthur Schwartz  Lyrics: Ira Gershwin  Book: George S. Kaufman, Nunnally Johnson

Musical Type: Golden Age (1946)


Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: Herbert Fields, Edgar Smith, A. Baldwin Sloane

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1926)


Music: Jerome Coopersmith  Lyrics: Sheldon Harnick  Book: Mary Rodgers

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1973)


Poor Little Ritz Girl

Music: Richard Rodgers, Sigmund Romberg  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart, Alex Gerber  Book: George Campbell, Lew Fields

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1920)


Music: Louis Bellson, Will Irwin  Lyrics: Sheldon Harnick  Lyrics/Book: Richard Ney

Musical Type: Golden Age (1958)

Present Arms

Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: Herbert Fields

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1928)


Music: George Gershwin  Lyrics: Desmond Carter, Ira Gershwin  Book: Guy Bolton, George Grossmith Jr.

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1924)


Say It With Jazz

Music/Lyrics: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart, Oscar Hammerstein II  Book: Dorothy Crowthers, Frank Hunter, Maurice Lieberman

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1921)

Say Mama

Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: N/A

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1921)

She’s My Baby

Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: Guy Bolton, Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1928)

Show Girl

Music: George Gershwin  Lyrics: Ira Gershwin, Gus Kahn  Book: William Anthony McGuire

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1929)

Simple Simon

Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: Guy Bolton, Ed Wynn

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1930)

Smiling, The Boy Fell Dead

Music: David Baker  Lyrics: Sheldon Harnick  Book: Ira Wallach

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1961)

Spring Is Here

Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: Owen Davis

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1929)

Sweet Little Devil

Music: George Gershwin  Lyrics: B. G. DeSylva  Book: Frank Mandel, Laurence Schwab

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1924)


Tell Me More

Music: George Gershwin  Lyrics: B. G. DeSylva, Ira Gershwin  Book: Fred Thompson, William K. Wells

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1925)

Temple Bells

Music/Book: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1924)

That’s a Good Girl

Music: Joseph Meyer, Philip Charig  Lyrics: Ira Gershwin, Desmond Carter  Lyrics/Book: Douglas Furber

Musical Type: Jazz-Age (1928)

The Bone Room

Music: Harvey Schmidt  Lyrics/Book: Tom Jones

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1975)

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Music: Stephen Flaherty  Lyrics/Book: Lynn Ahrens

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1985)


The Fifth Avenue Follies

Music/Book: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1926)

The Game of Love

Music: Jacques Offenbach  Lyrics/Book: Tom Jones

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1965)


The Garrick Gaieties

Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: Multiple

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1925)

The Melody Man

Music/Lyrics/Book: “Herbert Richard Lorenz” (Fields, Rodgers, and Hart)

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1924)

The Royal Family of Broadway

Music/Lyrics: William Finn  Book: James Lapine, Rachel Sheinkin

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1998)

The Slipper and the Rose

Music/Lyrics/Book: Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman  Book: Bryan Forbes

Musical Type: 1976 Film/Contemporary Musical (2000)

Too Many Girls

Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: George Marion Jr.

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1939)

Two Little Girls in Blue

Music: Paul Lannin, Vincent Youmans  Lyrics: Ira Gershwin  Book: Fred Jackson

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1921)


Up Stage and Down

Music/Lyrics: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II  Book: Myron D. Rosenthal

Musical Type: Pre-Jazz Age (1919)


Victory Canteen

Music/Lyrics: Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman  Book: Milt Larsen, Bobby Lauher

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1971)


What’s Up?

Music: Frederick Loewe  Lyrics/Book: Alan Jay Lerner  Book: Arthur Pierson

Musical Type: Golden Age (1943)


You’d Be Surprised

Music/Lyrics: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart, Oscar Hammerstein II  Book/Lyrics: Milton G. Bender

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1920)

You’ll Never Know

Music: Richard Rodgers  Lyrics: Lorenz Hart  Book: Herman A. Axelrod, Henry William Hanemann

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1921)


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