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12 Mean Girls Gifts That are So Fetch Right Now

Looking for the perfect present for a friend who is like obsessed with the plastics? Then make sure to read through this list of these Mean Girls gifts that are so totally fetch. And by the way, all of these gifts are perfect for both fans of the musical and fans of the movie! So get in loser. We’re going shopping!

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1. The Burn Book

If your loved one doesn’t have The Burn Book yet, this is a clear winner! Also, it’s just a blank journal, and everyone seems to be in constant need of fresh new journals. Let’s just hope they don’t turn this into an actual burn book!

Mean Girls Burn Book.


2. Much Ado About Mean Girls

This is such a creative gift idea choice, especially for your more intellectual thespian friends. If you haven’t yet heard of “Pop Shakespeare”, it’s basically your favorite stories retold in Shakespearean verse. “On Wednesdays we array ourselves in pink!”

Much Ado About Mean Girls Book.


3. Mean Girls Inspired Pencils

This is the perfect gift idea for students, avid journalers, or anyone who might just be in need of a daily dose of humor. Plus, they are just SO stinkin’ cute!

Mean Girls pencil set.


4. Mean Girls Inspired Coloring Pages

Coloring Broadway has so many grool coloring pages inspired by all sorts of Broadway shows, and this one looks like so much fun to color in. Just look at all of that detail!

Mean Girls Coloring Pages.


5. Mean Girls Magnets

I love this gift idea, especially for young adults who are living in a dorm or in their first apartment. It’s such a fun way to give your space (and your fridge) a bit more personality. And it even comes with a mini burn book!

Mean Girls Magnets.


6. Mean Girls Vocal Selections

Perfect for the musically-inclined Mean Girls fans in your life, this is the piano/vocal sheet music for Mean Girls: The Musical. If they don’t have this yet, they are going to LOVE you.

Mean Girls Sheet Music Book.


7. Mean Girls: The Party Game

You wanna do something fun? This brand-new party game is so perfect to play with and get to know your besties… if you dare!

Mean Girls Party Game.


8. “You Go Glen Coco” Mug

Okay the holidays are seriously coming and if you’re not going to get this mug as a gift for someone else, maybe you should get it for yourself. How fetch is this?!

You Go Glen Coco Mug.

Etsy Seller: HarleyDogDesigns // Personalized Mean Girls Mug


9. “You’re Like Really Pretty” Makeup Bag

This is such a classy little gift! So you agree? You think this is a classy gift? But seriously, you can never go wrong with getting someone a fresh new makeup bag.

You're Like Really Pretty Bag.

Etsy Seller: ACCreated // You’re Like Really Pretty Makeup Bag


10. “You’re Like Really Pretty” Banner

Speaking of being like really pretty, if you’re helping a friend celebrate their birthday, maybe you can just add this to the order and make their day even more special!

"You're Like Really Pretty" Banner.


11. “She Doesn’t Even Go Here” Shirt

This is such a cool and simple retro-style T-shirt featuring one of Damian’s most legendary lines. You can choose to order this as a sweater or a hoodie and in any size.

"She Doesn't Even Go Here" Shirt.

Etsy Seller: FenfoxLifeArt // She Doesn’t Even Go Here Retro Shirt


12. Mean Girls Inspired Birthday Card 

And last but not least, you might as well add this to the list if it’s for a birthday present. And you can even print it out directly! Now your gift isn’t a regular gift, it’s a cool gift!

It's Your Birthday Duh Means Girls Card.

Etsy Seller: PhotoshopMatt // Mean Girls Birthday Card


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Which of these Mean Girls gifts is your favorite?

Or have you ever received any Mean Girls gifts that you went absolutely crazy for? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Stacy Karyn, Author of Mean Girls Gifts.
Author: Stacy Karyn

Stacy Karyn is the founder of Theatre Trip, author of The Thespian’s Bucket List, and creator of The Cast Album List. She holds a BA in theatre, a TESOL drama certificate, and has worked and interned with Broadway and Off-Broadway theaters.


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