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12 Amazing Musical Theatre Gifts for All Occasions

If you’ve found yourself scrambling to find the perfect present for that show-tune singing thespian in your life, you’re in the right place! And that’s exactly why we’re pulling together a list of some of our favorite musical theatre gifts that we have stumbled upon this year!

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1. Broadway Sheet Music Collection

If you know a musical thespian who is always tinkering around on their piano or keyboard, this is an amazing book to add to their sheet music collection. It’s packed with 39 songs from hit musicals between 2010-2017.

Broadway Sheet Music Collection.


2. Spontuneous: The Song Game

This is the perfect game to whip out during spontaneous parties – especially if there happens to be a musical thespian in the house. In this game, the players are given a word, and the first to come up with a song that has that word in it wins the round. You can easily make up an additional rule for this game as well – only show tunes allowed!

Spontuneous board game.


3. The Musical Theatre Card Game

The Musical Theatre Card Game is a newer release and it’s a very stylish deck of cards. The game features 52 popular musicals that will put your musical theatre expertise to good use.

The Musical Theatre Card Game.
Etsy Seller: StageInsider // The Musical Theatre Card Game


4. Musical Theatre Scratch-Off Poster

This scratch-off poster is such a fun way to keep track of the popular musicals you have seen. It’s featuring 100 shows, and you can even scratch off your very own star rating of each one!

Musical Theatre Scratch Off Poster.
Etsy Seller: StageInsider // Musical Scratch Off Poster


5. Life is Like a Musical: How to Live, Love, and Lead Like a Star

This is such a fun choice for the musical lover in your life! It’s basically a self-help book based on the lessons that come from show business! It’s written by the best-selling author and Broadway playwright, Tim Federle.

Life is Like a Musical book.


6. The Broadway Musical Quiz Book

It’s no secret that musical theatre lovers love talking about, listening to, singing, and thinking about their favorite musicals. So why not put them to the test? This book contains 80 amazing Broadway musical-themed quizzes, and any musical thespian is sure to love it!

The Broadway Musical Quiz Book.


7. 100 Songs Every Theatre Nerd Should Know Game

What a fun game to play with other musical thespians! You can even choose between six different games you can play with this one deck of song cards.

100 Songs Every Theatre Nerd Should Know.


8. A is for Audra: Broadway’s Leading Ladies from A to Z

A is for Audra is the perfect gift for the leading lady (or aspiring leading lady) in your life. It’s also such a fun idea for a new parent, since they can have a blast reading this to their kids!

A is for Audra book.


9. Musical Collage Kit

This would be the perfect gift for a teenage musical thespian or even one who might be studying theatre/living in a dorm. What a fun and affordable way to decorate an entire wall!


Musical Collage Kit.


10 Musicals: The Definitive Illustrated Story

This book would be the perfect gift for the more intellectual musical theatre lover in your life. It’s packed with details related to musical theatre history, along with some background on 140 popular stage and film productions.

Musicals: The Definitive Illustrated Story.


11. God, Sex, and Musical Theatre

This is a book of empowering meditations by award-winning Broadway director Kristin Hanggi. In it you’ll find poetry, thoughts and musings on life, love, and of course musical theatre.

God, Sex, and Musical Theatre


12. The Thespian’s Bucket List

And of course, I can’t leave my own book The Thespian’s Bucket List off of the list! It’s your interactive checklist with 1,001 must-do theatre experiences for all enthusiasts. Plus, you can easily track the shows you’ve seen!

The Thespian's Bucket List in brown packaging.


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Which of these musical theatre gifts is your favorite?

Or have you ever received a musical theatre gift that you went absolutely crazy for? Feel free to share in the comments below! Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday season filled with fun and stress-free shopping. Happy holidays!

Stacy Karyn, Author of Musical Theatre Gifts.
Author: Stacy Karyn

Stacy Karyn is the founder of Theatre Trip, author of The Thespian’s Bucket List, and creator of The Cast Album List. She holds a BA in theatre, a TESOL drama certificate, and has worked and interned with Broadway and Off-Broadway theaters.


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