5 Funny Plays for High Schoolers With a Sense of Humor

No matter how much we love what we teach, there are simply some words that will have our students groaning like a herd of seriously ticked-off alpacas. And unfortunately, ‘theatre” is often one of those words. So, how do we get our kiddos excited about reading/analyzing/acting out plays? We start with the fun ones!

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11 Important Audition Tips from Directors and Musical Theatre Stars

Auditioning for musicals can be an exciting time in a performer’s life. But unfortunately, it takes quite a while to master the art of it. Major audition mistakes are being made every day. And often times, you will never even find out if you have been making the mistake in the first place! But that’s exactly why we are collecting some great audition tips from both casting directors and Broadway/West End musical theatre stars.

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