Bravo Giovanni: Musical Info & Synopsis


Bravo Giovanni follows the proud owner of a trattoria in Rome. However, when a fancy competing restaurant chain, Uriti, opens next door and threatens to put him out of business, Giovanni must devise a plan. With a bit of assistance, Giovanni constructs a tunnel from his trattoria’s basement to the Uriti kitchen, secretly transporting food to serve in their own restaurant at lower prices. Bravo Giovanni is a tale of resilience, friendship, and the triumph of the underdog.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1962)

Cast Size: 20+

Genre: Comedy

Setting: “Present” / Italy

Creative Team

Music: Milton Schafer

Lyrics: Ronny Graham

Book: A.J. Russell

Cast Albums

Original Broadway Cast (1962)➝


1960s, Based on a Book, Classical, ComedicFoodOperetta

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