The Last Ship: Musical Info & Synopsis


The Last Ship is set in an English community grappling with the decline of its shipbuilding industry. The story centers around Gideon Fletcher, who returns home after 17 years at sea to find his town in turmoil. As the shipyard faces closure, Gideon reunites with his childhood sweetheart, Meg, and confronts the ghosts of his past. The Last Ship captures the resilience of the working-class community, touching on themes of love, loyalty, and the struggle for survival.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Contemporary (2014)

Cast Size: 15+

Genre: Drama

Setting: 1980s / England

Creative Team

Music/Lyrics: Sting

Book: Lorne Campbell, John Logan, Brian Yorkey

Cast Albums

Concept Album (2013)➝

Original Broadway Cast (2014)➝


Sheet Music: Amazon➝


2010s, British, Dramatic, Family, FolkRock

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