Shuffle Along: Musical Info & Synopsis


Shuffle Along is a historically significant musical that was conceived, written, and performed by Black artists during the Harlem Renaissance. The plot centers around two dishonest partners who are both running for mayor. As the election day nears, they end up striking a deal that the winner will appoint the other as chief of police. Shuffle Along’s legacy endures as a symbol of resilience, creativity, and the breaking down of racial barriers on Broadway.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1921)

Cast Size: 15+

Genre: Comedy

Setting: N/A

Creative Team

Music/Lyrics: Eubie Blake, Noble Sissle

Book: F.E. Miller, Aubrey Lyles, George C. Wolfe

Cast Albums

Studio Cast (1953)➝

Sissle and Blake Archival Recording (2016)➝


1920s, Black Artists, Black History, ComedicJazzPoliticalTap Dance

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