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31 Last-Minute Musical Theatre Halloween Costumes

Only two more days until Halloween! And I’m sure a few of you have prepared for months in advance and have your perfectly replicated costume hanging neatly in your closet. But for the most of us who are NOT prepared this year, this one’s for you. So here’s our list of 31 amazing last-minute musical theatre Halloween costumes!

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1. Bobby

Musical: Company

• Upscale party attire

• 30th birthday button

2. Young Cosette

Musical: Les Misérables

• Dirty/ragged dress

• A broom or bucket

• Messy hair

3. Patrick Bateman

Musical: American Psycho

• Alan Flusser Suit

• Valentino Couture Tie

• Ralph Lauren Underwear

• A Walkman

* I said last-minute, not affordable!

4. JD

Musical: Heathers

• All black clothing

• A Slurpee from 7-11

5. Milky White

Musical: Into the Woods

• All white clothing

• A bell around your neck

6. Angel

Musical: Rent

• Black & white striped leggings

• Black boots

• A Santa jacket

7. Don, Cosmo, or Kathy

Musical: Singin’ in the Rain

• Yellow rain jacket

• An umbrella

8. The Rainbow

Musical: The Wizard of Oz

• Orange shirt

• Blue pants

• Green shoes

• Red socks

• Yellow jacket

• Purple nail polish

9. J. Pierrepont Finch

Musical: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

• A suit

• A “How to Succeed in Business” handbook

10. Annie

Musical: Annie

• Red dress

• Curly red wig or hair

• White socks

• Black shoes

11. Carrie

Musical: Carrie

• A prom dress

• Fake blood

12. Olaf

Musical: Frozen

• All white clothing

• Three black paper buttons taped to your shirt

• Orange makeup on nose

13. Doria

Musical: Smile

• A pretty dress

• A sash

• Tiara

14. Sebastian

Musical: The Little Mermaid

• All red clothing

15. Elphaba

Musical: Wicked

• Green face paint

• Black, long-sleeved dress

16. Charlie Brown

Musical: You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

• Yellow shirt

• Zig-zag cutout

• Shorts

17. Anyone in the Cast from…

Musical: Starlight Express

• The strangest clothing in your closet

• Roller skates

18. SpongeBob

Musical: The SpongeBob Musical

• Yellow shirt

• Plaid pants

• Suspenders

• Red tie

19. Violet Beauregarde

Musical: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

• All violet clothing

• Chewing gum

20. One of “The Plastics”

Musical: Mean Girls

• All pink clothing

• Makeup

21. One of the Cats

Musical: Cats

• The strangest clothing in your closet

• White face paint

• Short & fuzzy wig

22. Fiona

Musical: Shrek

• Green dress

• Tiara

23. The Lamp

Musical: Aladdin

• All gold clothing

• A hand on your hip

24. The Emcee

Musical: Cabaret

• Black pants

• Suspenders

• Bow tie

25. Evan Hansen

Musical: Dear Evan Hansen

• Blue polo shirt

• Khaki pants

• Arm cast

26. Danny Zuko

Musical: Grease

• Jeans

• White shirt

• Black leather jacket

27. Wednesday Addams

Musical: The Addams Family

• Long-sleeved black dress

• Black tights

• White collar

28. Scrooge

Musical: A Christmas Carol

• Long black coat

• Black pants

• Red scarf

• Black top hat

29. Tarzan

Musical: Tarzan

• A loincloth

30. Elle Woods

Musical: Legally Blonde

• All pink clothing

• A blonde wig

• A dog stuffed animal

31. Anyone from…

Musical: The Great Comet

• A beautiful gown

• A fur coat

• A letter in your pocket

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Which of these last-minute musical theatre Halloween costumes is your favorite idea?

Did you choose to put any of them together as your costume this year? If so, we would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

Stacy Karyn, Author of Last-Minute Musical Theatre Halloween Costumes.
Author: Stacy Karyn

Stacy Karyn is the founder of Theatre Trip, author of The Thespian’s Bucket List, and creator of The Cast Album List. She holds a BA in theatre, a TESOL drama certificate, and has worked and interned with Broadway and Off-Broadway theaters.


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