Knickerbocker Holiday: Musical Info & Synopsis


Knickerbocker Holiday tells the story of Brom Broeck, a young man who falls in love with Tina Tienhoven, the town councillor’s daughter. However, their love is challenged by the political tensions and Stuyvesant’s authoritarian rule. Knickerbocker Holiday explores themes of love, justice, and freedom, highlighting the tension between desire and societal expectations.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1938)

Cast Size: 14+

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Setting: 1600s / USA (NYC [New Amsterdam])

Creative Team

Music: Kurt Weill

Lyrics/Book: Maxwell Anderson

Cast Albums

The Collegiate Chorale (2011)➝


Licensing: Music Theatre International➝

Sheet Music: Musicnotes➝


1930s, Classical, OperettaPoliticalRom-Com, War

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