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The Best Audition Songs for Hamilton – by Character

Dreaming of auditioning for Hamilton one day? Well unless you have specifically been asked to sing a song from the show that you’re auditioning for, it’s generally best not to. That said, you should still show off similar vocals and personality. So here’s our list of audition songs for Hamilton, broken down by character.

Since Hamilton is a 2010s musical, the following songs are from between the 1990s – 2020s. There are also lots of rap, pop, and R&B selections below to match the musical’s style.

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Step 1: Read your audition details

Please read your audition details carefully, as they sometimes specify the type of song they’d like to hear (a ballad, something uptempo, etc.). Make sure to select a song that’s appropriate for your specific casting call.

Step 2: Study the show

Before auditioning, you should get familiar with the show, and listening to the cast album is a great way to do that. Here’s where you can learn more about Hamilton.

Step 3: Pick an audition song

Next, based on your personality and vocal type, decide whether you’d like to audition for the ensemble or a specific character. Just keep in mind that if you audition for a specific character, you still might not be chosen for that particular role.

There’s usually a spot on the audition form asking if you are open to being in the ensemble or accepting a different role. I would suggest ticking that box and taking whatever you are offered. Every role is important, and you will earn valuable experience in a show.

And on that same note, even if you audition for the ensemble (rather than a specific character), there’s always a chance of being cast in a leading or supporting role!

To summarize, keep an open mind and try not to take the process too seriously. And when you’re ready, choose the song that you feel most comfortable with from the list below.

Aaron Burr

Glory” – John Legend [2010s/non-theatre]

Grenade” – Bruno Mars [2010s/non-theatre]

Love’s Divine” – Seal [2000s/non-theatre]

Losers” – The Weeknd [2010s/non-theatre]

Alexander Hamilton

Glorious” – Macklemore [2010s/non-theatre]

Lose Yourself” – Eminem [2000s/non-theatre]

Mockingbird” – Eminem [2000s/non-theatre]

Not Afraid” – Eminem [2010s/non-theatre]

Angelica Schuyler

Breathe” – In the Heights

Grand Piano” – Nicki Minaj [2010s/non-theatre]

It’s All Happening” – Bring It On

Love the Way You Lie (Part II)” – Rihanna [2010s/non-theatre]

Eliza Hamilton

Good Job” – Alicia Keys [2020s/non-theatre]

Natasha Lost” – The Great Comet

No One Else” – The Great Comet

Underdog” – Alicia Keys [2020s/non-theatre]

George Washington

Fire on Fire” – Sam Smith [2010s/non-theatre]

If You’re Out There” – John Legend [2000s/non-theatre]

Preach” – John Legend [2010s/non-theatre]

Shelter” – John Legend [2010s/non-theatre]

John Laurens / Philip Hamilton

96,000” – In the Heights

Battle Scars” – Guy Sebastian [2010s/non-theatre]

It’s All Happening” – Bring It On [rap 1:30-2:02]

Talking to the Moon” – Bruno Mars [2010s/non-theatre]

King George

Expectations” – Amazing Grace

Let It Be” – Labrinth [2010s/non-theatre]

Something’s Got to Give” – Labrinth [2010s/non-theatre]

You’re Welcome” – Moana

Marquis De Lafayette  / Thomas Jefferson

Before I Go” – Guy Sebastian [2020s/non-theatre]

Changer” – Maître Gims [2010s/non-theatre]

Choir” – Guy Sebastian [2010s/non-theatre]

Zombie” – Maître Gims [2010s/non-theatre]

Peggy Schuyler / Maria Reynolds

Burden Down” – Jennifer Hudson [2010s/non-theatre]

Rock the Boat” – Aaliyah [2000s/non-theatre]

So Gone” – Monica [2000s/non-theatre]

Still Here” – Jennifer Hudson [2010s/non-theatre]

Ensemble (Altos)

Amen” – Andra Day [2010s/non-theatre]

Rain on Me” – Ashanti [2000s/non-theatre]

We’re Not Done” – Bring It On

Ensemble (Baritones/Basses)

Growing Up” – Macklemore [2010s/non-theatre]

Hold On” – Lysistrata Jones

Wing$” – Macklemore [2010s/non-theatre]

Ensemble (Contras)

shut up” – Ariana Grande [2020s/non-theatre]

The Boy is Mine” – Brandy [1990s/non-theatre]

Where Did I Go?” – Jorja Smith [2010s/non-theatre]

Psst… Here’s where you can find out your vocal type!

Ensemble (Mezzo-Sopranos)

Cranes in the Sky” – Solange [2010s/non-theatre]

Rise Up” – Andra Day [2010s/non-theatre]

Wreckless Love” – Alicia Keys [2000s/non-theatre]

Ensemble (Sopranos)

Flashlight” – Jessie J [2010s/non-theatre]

Girl on Fire” – Alicia Keys [2010s/non-theatre]

I Wish You Knew” – Mariah Carey [2000s/non-theatre]

Ensemble (Tenors)

All of Me” – John Legend [2010s/non-theatre]

Boundaries” – A Strange Loop

Jealous” – Labrinth [2010s/non-theatre]

Step 4: Select a monologue

If requested, here are a few audition monologues for Hamilton:

• “Church & State” in The Best Men’s Monologues from New Plays, 2019➝

• “Going Mad➝” from Always Ridiculous➝

• “I Can’t Trust Anything➝” from Watson Intelligence  (Eliza)

• “Little Victories” in Solo!: The Best Monologues of the 80s – Women➝

• “We the People” in The Best Men’s Monologues from New Plays, 2019➝

Final Step: Prepare for your audition

After collecting your materials and getting familiar with the show, it’s time to move forward with the actual preparation. If you’re in need of some guidance on this step, you can always go through this FREE audition prep checklist!

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Hamilton Song List

Here’s a list of the musical numbers in Hamilton, along with which characters sing in each of them. Unless you have been asked to, do not choose from the below songs for your audition! The following is more intended to be used for character research purposes.

Act 1:

“Alexander Hamilton” – Burr, Laurens, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Eliza, Washington, Company

“Aaron Burr, Sir” – Hamilton, Burr, Laurens, Lafayette, Mulligan, Company

“My Shot” – Hamilton, Laurens, Lafayette, Mulligan, Burr, Company

“The Story of Tonight” – Hamilton, Laurens, Mulligan, Lafayette, Company

“The Schuyler Sisters” – Angelica, Eliza, Peggy, Burr, Company

“Farmer Refuted” – Seabury, Hamilton, Burr, Company

“You’ll Be Back” – King George III, Company

“Right Hand Man” – Washington, Hamilton, Burr, Company

“A Winter’s Ball” – Burr, Hamilton, Company

“Helpless” – Eliza, Company

“Satisfied” – Angelica, Company

“The Story of Tonight (Reprise)” – Laurens, Mulligan, Lafayette, Hamilton, Burr

“Wait for It” – Burr, Company

“Stay Alive” – Hamilton, Washington, Laurens, Lafayette, Mulligan, Lee, Eliza, Angelica, Company

“Ten Duel Commandments” – Laurens, Hamilton, Lee, Burr, Company

“Meet Me Inside” – Hamilton, Burr, Laurens, Washington, Company

“That Would Be Enough” – Eliza, Hamilton

“G*ns and Ships” – Burr, Lafayette, Washington, Company

“History Has Its Eyes on You” – Washington, Hamilton, Company

“Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)” – Hamilton, Lafayette, Laurens, Mulligan, Washington, Company

“What Comes Next?” – King George III

“Dear Theodosia” – Burr, Hamilton

“Non-Stop” – Burr, Hamilton, Angelica, Eliza, Washington, Company

Act 2:

“What’d I Miss?” – Jefferson, Burr, Madison, Company

“Cabinet Battle #1” – Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison

“Take a Break” – Eliza, Philip, Hamilton, Angelica

“Say No to This” – Maria Reynolds, Burr, Hamilton, James, Company

“The Room Where It Happens” – Burr, Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, Company

“Schuyler Defeated” – Philip, Eliza, Hamilton, Burr

“Cabinet Battle #2” – Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison

“Washington on Your Side” – Burr, Jefferson, Madison, Company

“One Last Time” – Washington, Hamilton, Company

“I Know Him” – King George III

“The Adams Administration” – Burr, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, Company

“We Know” – Hamilton, Jefferson, Burr, Madison

“Hurricane” – Hamilton, Company

“The Reynolds Pamphlet” – Jefferson, Madison, Burr, Hamilton, Angelica, James, Company

“Burn” – Eliza

“Blow Us All Away” – Philip, Washington, Hamilton, Company

“Stay Alive (Reprise)” – Hamilton, Philip, Eliza, Company

“It’s Quiet Uptown” – Angelica, Hamilton, Eliza, Company

“The Election of 1800” – Jefferson, Madison, Burr, Hamilton, Company

“Your Obedient Servant” – Burr, Hamilton, Company

“Best of Wives and Best of Women” – Eliza, Hamilton

“The World Was Wide Enough” – Burr, Hamilton, Company

“Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” – Eliza, Company

Which of these audition songs for Hamilton did you choose?

And what role are you auditioning for? We would love to hear all about it in the comments! And in the meantime, you can check out our database of best audition songs for other musicals.

Need extra help? Just go through this free audition prep checklist!

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