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17 Musical Theatre Song Cycles – The Full List

A musical song cycle is a group of songs that are designed to be performed together without the incorporation of a traditional plot. The songs are usually connected by some sort of theme. Musical theatre song cycles differ a bit from musical revues – which generally showcase a group of songs that are connected by a specific time period or composer.

This list is broken down into two categories – “Musical Song Cycles” and “Song Cycle Mixes” (shows that might be a mix of genres – like a song cycle/revue, for example).

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Musical Song Cycles

35mm: A Musical Exhibition

Music/Lyrics/Book: Ryan Scott Oliver

Musical Type: Contemporary (2012)

Connecting Theme: The human experience

Elegies: A Song Cycle

Music/Lyrics: William Finn

Musical Type: Contemporary (2003)

Connecting Theme: Remembrance of departed friends

Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens

Music: Janet Hood  Lyrics/Book: Bill Russell

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1989)

Connecting Theme: Lives lost to AIDS

Fugitive Songs

Music: Chris Miller  Lyrics: Nathan Tysen

Musical Type: Contemporary (2008)

Connecting Theme: A journey across America

Ghost Quartet

Music/Lyrics/Book: Dave Malloy

Musical Type: Contemporary (2014)

Connecting Theme: Love, death and whiskey

Is There Life After High School?

Music/Lyrics: Craig Carnelia  Book: Jeffrey Kindley

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1982)

Connecting Theme: High school experiences

Legacy – Two Song Cycles

Music: Stephen Flaherty  Lyrics: Lynn Ahrens

Musical Type: Contemporary (2020)

Connecting Theme: Unpredictable times and NYC

Myths & Hymns

Music/Lyrics: Adam Guettel

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1998)

Connecting Theme: Faith, spirituality, and enlightenment

See Rock City and Other Destinations

Music: Brad Alexander  Lyrics/Book: Adam Mathias

Musical Type: Contemporary (2010)

Connecting Theme: Connections made at USA tourist destinations

Songs for a New World

Music/Lyrics: Jason Robert Brown

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1995)

Connecting Theme: Self-discovery

The Theory of Relativity

Music/Lyrics: Neil Bartram  Book: Brian Hill

Musical Type: Contemporary (2014)

Connecting Theme: The interconnectedness of humans

We Aren’t Kids Anymore

Music/Lyrics: Drew Gasparini

Musical Type: Contemporary (2019)

Connecting Theme: The realities of growing up

Song Cycle Mixes

The following shows are more of a mix between song cycles and other genres (musicals, revues, etc.). Some may consider the following to be “song cycles” while may not.

Closer Than Ever

Music: David Shire  Lyrics: Richard Maltby, Jr.

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1989)

Connecting Theme: Modern-day love struggles

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

Music: Jimmy Roberts  Lyrics/Book: Joe DiPietro

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1996)

Connecting Theme: Dating and relationships

Song and Dance

Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber  Lyrics: Don Black, Richard Maltby Jr.

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1982)

Connecting Theme: Love and life in NYC

Tell Me on a Sunday

Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber  Lyrics: Don Black

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1979)

Connecting Theme: Love and life in NYC

Things to Ruin

Music/Lyrics/Book: Joe Iconis

Musical Type: Contemporary (2008)

Connecting Theme: Humans in need of commotion

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