Saratoga: Musical Info & Synopsis


Saratoga follows the story of Clio Dulaine, who is born to a Creole mother who faced exile from a New Orleans family after becoming pregnant. In a guise of aristocracy, Clio assumes the identity of a countess raised in France and embarks on a journey of intrigue and retribution. While initially plotting to manipulate a marriage proposal, love unexpectedly blossoms. Saratoga unfolds as a tale of love, revenge, and redemption against the backdrop of New Orleans and New York.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Golden Age (1959)

Cast Size: 30+

Genre: Dramedy

Setting: 1880s / USA (Louisiana, New York)

Creative Team

Music: Harold Arlen

Lyrics: Johnny Mercer

Book: Morton DaCosta

Cast Albums

Original Broadway Cast (1959)➝


1950s, Based on a Book, Golden Age, Jazz, One-Word

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