Girl From the North Country: Musical Info & Synopsis


Girl from the North Country is set in 1934 during the Great Depression in Duluth, Minnesota. The story unfolds at a guesthouse, owned by the struggling Laine family, where various guests seek shelter from life’s storms. Each character carries their own burden of hopes and regrets, and their lives intertwine in unexpected ways. Against the backdrop of Bob Dylan’s songs, the musical weaves a tapestry of human struggles, love, and resilience. Girl from the North Country is an exploration of the human condition, where souls search for solace, and the power of music connects hearts in troubled times.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Contemporary (2017)

Cast Size: 13

Genre: Drama

Setting: 1930s / USA (Minnesota)

Creative Team

Music/Lyrics: Bob Dylan

Book: Conor McPherson

Cast Albums

Original London Cast (2018)➝

Original Broadway Cast (2021)➝


2010s, DramaticFolk, Jukebox Musical, Rock

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