Fifty Million Frenchmen: Musical Info & Synopsis


Fifty Million Frenchmen tells the story of a wealthy young American, Peter Forbes, who makes his friends a bet that he can live in Paris without using his money for a month. As Peter navigates the city’s romantic allure and cultural eccentricities, he becomes entangled in a series of comedic misadventures. Fifty Million Frenchmen is a celebration of love, laughter, and the richness of Paris.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Jazz Age (1929)

Cast Size: 10+

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Setting: 1920s / France (Paris)

Creative Team

Music/Lyrics: Cole Porter

Book: Herbert Fields

Cast Albums

Studio Cast (1991)➝


Licensing: Concord Theatricals➝

Sheet Music: Sheet Music Now➝


1920s, Original, Rom-Com

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