Do I Hear a Waltz: Musical Info & Synopsis


Do I Hear a Waltz? follows the story of Leona Samish, an American tourist who embarks on a solo vacation to find love and adventure. In Venice, she encounters a charming shopkeeper, Renato Di Rossi, and the two share a whirlwind romance. As their relationship unfolds, Leona grapples with the complexities of love, desire, and societal expectations. Do I Hear a Waltz? is an exploration of culture, self discovery and the pursuit of happiness.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Post-Golden Age (1965)

Cast Size: 10+

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Setting: 1960s / Italy (Venice)

Creative Team

Music: Richard Rodgers

Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim

Book: Arthur Laurents

Cast Albums

Original Broadway Cast (1965)➝

Pasadena Playhouse Cast (2001)➝


Licensing: Concord Theatricals➝

Sheet Music: Musicnotes➝


1960s, Rom-Com, Travel

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