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Copenhagen Theatre Guide – All You Need to Know

In Theatre Trip’s new local theatre guide series, we will be delving deeper into what’s going on in theaters across the globe. For each city, we will be sharing local theatre companies, projects, festivals, and organizations. And today we’ll be covering all things related to the Copenhagen theatre scene.

[Location: Copenhagen, Denmark] 

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and the most populous city in the country. There are a wide variety of theatre offerings here, along with a chance to study theatre research and opera at university.

Copenhagen Theatre Companies 


As one of the more unique theatres on the list, the literal translation of this one is “boat theatre”. Why? Because it’s located on an actual ship! And yes, they have a unique location. But they offer both local and international offerings as well!

Bellevue Teatret➝

Bellevue Teatret was designed in 1936 by the world-famous Danish architect and furniture designer, Arne Jacobson. It is home to a wide assortment of offerings, including dance performances, concerts, and traditional theatre. Additionally, they offer unique events such as coffee salons and guided tours for international visitors.

Betty Nanson Teatret➝

The Betty Nanson Teatret puts on a variety of theatre, from classical to experimental. They focus on creating high-quality pieces that resonate with people internationally. And their themes also tend to tie in with current social issues.

Bremen Teater➝

This theatre acts as a performance space for not only plays, but also comedy shows, talks, and concerts. And they even have their own bar/nightclub – Natbar➝!

Det Ny Theatre➝

Det Ny Theatre was established in 1908 and boasts one main stage, along with a theatre restaurant➝ that sometimes features smaller shows. Their theatrical performances are beautifully crafted and full of strong talent. So it’s definitely a strong choice if you happen to be in the city.


The Folketeatret has a home in Copenhagen, but also regularly travels around the entire country of Denmark. It was founded in 1857 and still has a wide variety of exciting theatrical offerings today.

Grønnegårds Teatret➝

This location is special in that you can enjoy a beautiful scenic picnic before moving on to the theatrical portion of your evening! You will find both modern and classical performances here. And the shows take place in an open-air setting.

Husets Teater➝

If you’re looking for some strong pieces and solid acting, Husets Teater is a great option! They focus on pushing the boundaries and bringing the best possible versions of their plays to the stage.

Mungo Park➝

Following the theme of exploration, Mungo Park is constantly finding new ways to push theatre into unexplored territory. Not only does Mungo Park have a home near Copenhagen, but they are an actively touring company as well!

Nørrebro Teater➝

With 620 seats, Nørrebro is Denmark’s largest comedy theatre! If you catch a show here, you can expect to experience theatre that’s entertaining, yet meaningful and relevant.

Østerbro Teater➝

This theatre focuses its efforts on great, innovative, and captivating experiences. Their performances are exciting and full of energy, making this a perfect destination for theatre lovers.


The Pantomimeteatret is located directly in the center of Copenhagen’s magical Tivoli Gardens. This open-air theatre features mainly ballet theatre and is perfect for theatre lovers of all ages. Theatre Trip even got a chance to go to a ballet performance at Pantomimeteatret! Here’s where you can read about our experience at Tivoli Ballet Theatre!

Royal Danish Theatre➝

The Royal Danish Theatre is home to not only stunning theatrical performances, but also opera, ballet, and an orchestra. This theatre was founded in 1748, and used to serve as the theatre of the king! So if you’re up for feeling a bit classy, this is your best bet.


Sort/Hvid is a small, yet fierce theatre that prides itself on challenging the audience. Their work often explores political and social issues. Additionally, they provide a platform for new foreign dramas.

Teater V➝

This theatre offers a wide variety of performances, most of which are family friendly. Make sure to check out what’s on! With their ever changing program, you’re sure to find something great.

Teatret Ved Sorte Hest➝

This theatre is unique in that it focuses on absurd classics along with contemporary drama. Needless to say, with a frequently changing program, you will always have the opportunity to see something new here!

Improv Comedy

Improv Comedy Copenhagen➝

ICC Theatre is Denmark’s only English-speaking comedy theatre! Their current performers come from over thirteen different countries, and the theatre offers various educational programs/workshops for those who are interested in improv.

Copenhagen Theatre Festivals

CPH Stage➝

CPH Stage is Denmark’s largest performing arts festival. It typically lasts around ten days and takes place on a yearly basis. So if you ever get the chance to attend this festival, you’ll be in for quality theatre and a bunch of surprises!

Theatre Degree Programs

Royal Opera Academy➝ – MA in Opera (English and Danish)

University of Copenhagen➝ – MA in Theatre Research

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Stacy Karyn, Author of Copenhagen Theatre Guide.
Author: Stacy Karyn

Stacy Karyn is the founder of Theatre Trip, author of The Thespian’s Bucket List, and creator of The Cast Album List. She holds a BA in theatre, a TESOL drama certificate, and has worked and interned with Broadway and Off-Broadway theaters.


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