Two Strangers (Carry a Cake Across New York)


Two Strangers (Carry a Cake Across New York) follows Dougal, a cheerful British man traveling to New York City for his dad’s wedding, whom he’s never met. At the airport, Dougal meets Robin, the sister of the bride, who is late for work and not in the mood for sightseeing. Two Strangers is a tale of romance, adventure, and the unexpected, serving as a loving tribute to the ‘Big Apple’.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Contemporary (2019)

Cast Size: 2

Genre: Romantic Dramedy

Setting: USA (NYC)

Creative Team

Music/Lyrics/Book: Jim Barne, Kit Buchan

Cast Albums

Studio Cast (2024)➝


2010s, British, Family, NYC, Original, Rom-Dramedy, Two-Hander, Wedding

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