Tokyo Rose: Musical Info & Synopsis


Tokyo Rose tells the story of Iva Toguri, the notorious Japanese wartime propaganda disc jockey. Struggling between loyalty to her homeland and survival in a hostile environment, Iva must navigate a dangerous web of deceit and manipulation. As the war reaches its climax, she faces the consequences of her actions and must confront the true meaning of identity, patriotism, and redemption. Tokyo Rose delves into the complexities of war, loyalty, and the human spirit.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Contemporary (2021)

Cast Size: 6

Genre: Drama

Setting: 1940s / Japan

Creative Team

Music: William Patrick Harrison

Lyrics/Book: Maryhee Yoon, Cara Baldwin

Cast Albums

Original Cast (2021)➝


2020s, DramaticPop, Small Cast, True Story, War

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