The Trail to Oregon!: Musical Info & Synopsis


The Trail to Oregon! is a comedic musical that parodies The Oregon Trail video game. The narrative traces the journey of a pioneer family, where the audience’s input shapes their decisions and outcomes. Amidst encountering diverse challenges and humorous situations, The Trail to Oregon! seamlessly blends historical elements with unexpected twists and modern-day humor.

Musical Information

Parental Warning: Adult Themes/Content

Musical Type: Contemporary (2014)

Cast Size: 6

Genre: ComedyParody / Western

Setting: 1840s / USA

Creative Team

Music/Lyrics/Book: Jeff Blim

Book: Matt Lang, Nick Lang

Cast Albums

StarKid Cast (2015)➝


Licensing: StarKid➝


2010s, Broken 4th Wall, Comedic, Country, Family, Parody, Pop/Rock, Small Cast, Western

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