The Noteworthy Life of Howard Barnes: Musical Info


The Noteworthy Life of Howard Barnes follows a man who wakes up to find that his life has been transformed into a musical. Desperate to reclaim his normal life, Howard joins forces with Maggie, an aspiring actress from his office. As Howard navigates this new world, he discovers the importance of letting go of the past. The Noteworthy Life of Howard Barnes blends parody, romance, and comedy, touching on themes of love, emotions, and of course, musical theatre.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Contemporary (2018)

Cast Size: 10+ 

Genre: Comedy / Spoof

Setting: 2010s

Creative Team

Music: Michael Kooman

Lyrics/Book: Christopher Dimond

Cast Albums

Premiere Recording (2019)➝


2010s, ComedicFeel-GoodMetamusical, Original, Spoof

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