The Me Nobody Knows: Musical Info & Synopsis


The Me Nobody Knows is based on the writings of young people and unfolds as a series of vignettes, presenting the voices of children and teenagers in New York City. The characters express their dreams, frustrations, and aspirations, providing an authentic glimpse into their day-to-day lives. Through the telling of their stories, The Me Nobody Knows explores themes of identity, hope, and the challenges faced by young people growing up in urban environments.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1970)

Genre: Drama

Setting: Present / USA (NYC)

Creative Team

Music: Gary William Friedman

Lyrics: Will Holt

Book: Bob Livingston, Herb Schapiro

Cast Albums

Original Cast (1970)➝


Licensing: Concord Theatricals➝

Sheet Music: Musicnotes➝


1970s, Based on a Book, Dramatic

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