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Redhead unfolds in the Simpson Sisters Wax Museum, where Essie Whimple works under the guidance of her two aunts. The museum showcases a dramatization of the life of Ruth LaRue, an American chorus girl. The story takes a turn when Inspector White and “Strong Man” Tom Baxter enter the scene. As Essie finds herself drawn to Tom, she concocts a tale about having information on the mystery of Ruth LaRue. Redhead unfolds with humor, romance, intrigue, and theatricality, all against the backdrop of Victorian London.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Golden Age (1959)

Cast Size: 14+

Genre: Murder Mystery

Setting: 1900s / England (London)

Creative Team

Music: Albert Hague

Lyrics/Book: Dorothy Fields

Book: Herbert Fields, Sidney Sheldon, David Shaw

Cast Albums

Original Broadway Cast (1959)➝


Licensing: Music Theatre International➝


1950s, Golden Age, Mystery, One-Word, Original, Tony Award

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