Paramour: Musical Info & Synopsis


Paramour is a Cirque du Soleil musical set in the Golden Age of Hollywood. It tells the story of Indigo, a young actress who is discovered by a film director named A.J. Golden. As she rises to stardom, Indigo finds herself falling in love with a composer named Joey. Paramour combines acrobatics and memorable music to explore themes of ambition, love, and the price of fame.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Contemporary (2016)

Cast Size: 20+

Genre: Romantic Dramedy

 Setting: Golden Age of Cinema / USA (California, NYC)

Creative Team

Music: Guy Dubuc, Marc Lessard

Music/Lyrics: Andreas Carlsson

Cast Albums

Original Broadway Cast (2016)➝


2010s, Bluegrass, Jazz, One-Word, Original, Rom-Dramedy

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