Jane Eyre: Musical Info & Synopsis


Jane Eyre follows the journey of a strong-willed young woman as she faces adversity throughout her life. From her difficult upbringing in an oppressive boarding school to her time as a governess at Thornfield Hall, Jane’s story intertwines with the mysterious Mr. Rochester. As their relationship deepens, past secrets come to light, testing their love and forcing Jane to make difficult choices.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1995)

Cast Size: 15+

Genre: Romantic Drama

Setting: 1800s / England

Creative Team

Music/Lyrics: Paul Gordon

Lyrics/Book: John Caird

Cast Albums

Original Broadway Cast (2000)➝


Audition Songs: Theatre Trip

Licensing: Music Theatre International➝


1990s, Based on a Book, Child Roles, Dark, Rom-Dram

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