In Trousers: Musical Info & Synopsis


In Trousers follows the life of Marvin, a gay man who navigates his marriage to Trina, his attraction to his male lover Whizzer, and his evolving understanding of self. As Marvin embarks on a journey of self-discovery, In Trousers delves into the highs and lows of romantic and familial relationships, touching on themes of desire, meaning, and the search for identity.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1979)

Cast Size: 4

Genre: Dramedy

Setting: 1970s / USA ( NYC)

Creative Team

Music/Lyrics/Book: William Finn

Cast Albums

Original Off-Broadway Cast (1979)➝


Licensing: Concord Theatricals➝


1970s, Family, LGBTQ+, One-Act, Original, Piano-Only, Small Cast, Solo Composer, Sung-Through

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