Freckleface Strawberry: Musical Info & Synopsis


Freckleface Strawberry is based on the popular children’s book of the same name, written by Julianne Moore. The story follows Strawberry, who wants nothing more than to get rid of her freckles. But with a bit of help from the people around her, she takes steps towards loving her freckles and herself. Freckleface Strawberry addresses themes related to self-acceptance,  individuality, and finding comfort in the face of adversity.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Contemporary (2010)

Cast Size: 7+

Genre: Theatre for Young Audiences

Setting: Present

Creative Team

Music/Lyrics/Book: Gary Kupper

Book: Rose Caiola

Cast Albums

Original Cast (2010)➝


Audition Songs: Theatre Trip

Licensing: Music Theatre International➝


2010s, Based on a Book, Child Roles, Family Friendly, Female LeadSchool

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