Dracula: Musical Info & Synopsis


Dracula explores the timeless tale of the enigmatic Count Dracula and his encounters with the living. The story follows Jonathan Harker, Mina Murray, and other characters as they become entangled in his mysterious and seductive world. Dracula delves into themes of love, desire, and the supernatural, as the characters confront the allure and danger of the immortal vampire.

Musical Information

Parental Warning: Adult Themes/Content

Musical Type: Contemporary (2001)

Cast Size: 12+

Genre: Fantasy

Setting: 1800s / Europe

Creative Team

Music: Frank Wildhorn

Lyrics/Book: Don Black, Christopher Hampton

Cast Albums

Studio Cast (2011)➝


Audition Songs: Theatre Trip

Cast Album: Spotify➝

Licensing: Music Theatre International➝


2000s, Based on a Book, Fantasy, Dark, Horror, One-Word, Undead

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