DIY Rep Book: Kids (Trebles)

Treble Rep Book.

What’s your next audition going to be like?

Imagine this. You walk into the audition room with confidence. The casting team smiles at you. You smile at them. You bring your rep book to the accompanist and share the song you’re about to sing. The accompanist seems to be pleased with your organized binder.

You sing your song, and the casting team whispers amongst themselves afterwards.

“Would you happen to have something funny in your rep book?” they ask you.

Of course you do. You have 7 different songs all ready to sing. You flip to your comedic piece, and as you perform, the casting team giggles with delight. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. They thank you for coming, and you leave the room feeling great!

And this is all thanks to the hard work you put into your rep book. You were prepared. You had fun. And you are ready to land the role.

Here’s what you’ll find in this rep book:

✓ 156 Total Song Ideas for Kids (Trebles)

• 21 Golden Age/Post-Golden Age Songs
• 22 Pre-Contemporary Songs
• 43 Contemporary Songs
• 20 Character/Comedic Songs
• 13 Pop Songs
• 24 Disney Songs
• 13 Special Showcase Songs


* PLEASE NOTE: This document does NOT include the actual sheet music. Take a peek inside!

Here’s where you can purchase multiple rep books.



“Thank you so much! I am so excited to start building my rep books with my children! This is such an awesome resource! Bless you.” – Jennifer A.

“It’s fantastic, especially because almost all of my students are doing college auditions this year. As you know, it takes a MOUNTAIN of time to pick things that are not on the do not sing list so this was a fantastical find for me.” – Christine C.

“As a longtime theater kid I love the options! I usually have such a hard time finding music for auditions and classes. This is going to be a great tool for when I attend my theater camp this summer. I’m so excited to continue filling up my rep book!” – L.T.


How does this work?

Once you’ve purchased the DIY treble audition book, you will gain access to a Google folder with step-by-step instructions on how to create your rep book. This will constantly be updated as new musicals are born so that you can keep your book fresh and up-to-date.

The included song ideas are organized by title, musical, vocal range, tempo, and time period.

And there might be some extra surprises added in the future!


Who is this for?

The above rep book is intended to be used by children who rock a treble vocal range. 

The typical treble range is between A3 to F5.

But some trebles can go as low as F3 and as high as B5.

Here’s where you can find out your vocal type!


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