Bring In ‘Da Noise, Bring In ‘Da Funk: Musical Info


Bring In ‘Da Noise, Bring In ‘Da Funk is a musical revue that retells Black history from slavery through present day. Bringing to life the struggles, triumphs, and resilience of Black Americans throughout the generations, Bring In ‘Da Noise, Bring In ‘Da Funk honors this rich and complex history through song, commentary, and tap dance numbers.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Pre-Contemporary (1995)

Cast Size: Flexible

Genre: Revue

Setting: Various

Creative Team

Music/Lyrics/Book: Daryl Waters, Ann Duquesnay, Zane Mark, George C. Wolfe, Reg E. Gaines

Cast Albums

Original Broadway Cast (1996)➝


1990s, Black Artists, Black HistoryHistoricalRevueTap Dance

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