A Man of No Importance: Musical Info & Synopsis


A Man of No Importance revolves around Alfie Byrne, a modest and reserved bus conductor with a deep love for theatre and poetry. As he decides to stage a production of Oscar Wilde’s Salome at the local church, Alfie faces social, familial, and personal challenges along the way. A Man of No Importance explores themes of love, acceptance, and the transformative power of art.

Musical Information

Musical Type: Contemporary (2002)

Cast Size: 14

Genre: Drama

Setting: 1960s / Ireland (Dublin)

Creative Team

Music: Stephen Flaherty

Lyrics: Lynn Ahrens

Book: Terrence McNally

Cast Albums

Original Off-Broadway Cast (2002)➝


Licensing: Music Theatre International➝

Sheet Music: Amazon➝


2000s, Based on a Movie, DramaticLGBTQ+

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