The Thespian’s Bucket List

The Thespian's Bucket List.

Have you done lots of stagey things, but have no way to show them off? Or maybe you’ve seen lots of shows and read lots of plays, but don’t know how to keep track of them?

Well The Thespian’s Bucket List is the perfect way to organize that beautiful “stagey” mind of yours! With physical checklists of plays to read, must see musicals, theaters to visit, and other fun surprises, there’s enough inside to keep you busy for a lifetime!

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The Thespian's Bucket List.

✔ The perfect way to embrace your inner “theatre geek”.

✔ Includes Pulitzer Prize winning plays and Shakespeare’s plays.

✔ Includes musical movies and musical TV shows to watch.

✔ Light, compact, and easy for theatre students to bring to class.

✔ Compare books with your friends and track your progress!

✔ One of the best theatre books you can give as a gift!

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Take a look inside:

TBL Musicals.      TBL Shakespeare's Plays.     TBL TV shows.

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