28 Showtunes from The Great American Songbook – by Vocal Type

The Great American Songbook is a list of the most significant/influential songs from the early 20th century. These are the songs that have stood the test of time, and quite a few of them are showtunes! If you’re looking for a classic song for an audition or project, check out this list of some of the amazing showtunes from the Great American Songbook!

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32 Memorable Musical Theatre Talent Show Songs

Are you getting ready for an upcoming talent show? Well, choosing the right song is a very important step in the preparation process. All of the following musical theatre songs are stand-alone songs, meaning that they can be sung and understood outside of the context of the musical that they’re in. There is also a very showy, wow-factor to many of the following talent show songs, making it more possible for you to shine!

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